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  1. Stef


    Then there are at least 2 BDAY :)
  2. Stef


    What do you mean? Yes I have BDAY #3 in my bridge pickup cavity. 1991 PreHistoric Les Paul Jimmy Wallace model
  3. Stef

    Best Speaker Replacement for Deluxe Reverb

    If you have a Deluxe Reverb RI, try C-Rex for later breakup. I have had C-Rex before with good results, now I have a Tone Tubby red alnico in my DRRI
  4. Stef

    Fight’n words (opinion poll)

    Easy! First Billy Gibbons, especially between 1970-1975 And...... Peter Green, early Clapton
  5. Stef

    Les Pauls and Marshall! The voice of rock. let’s see em

    PreHistoric Les Paul and original JTM45 with matching speakers <strike> </strike>
  6. Stef

    Information about my Les Paul 1991

    Question about my Les Paul 1991 Hi everybody! New here Does anyone know what the letters under the bridgepickup means? #3? There might be a #1 and #2 as well? It's a Jimmy Wallace Model 1991. HCSB under the neckpicup