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  1. tdarian

    Grace under fire....

    Happy Birthday Audrey!
  2. tdarian

    LPF Roll Call - sound off

    He lost more men to small pox than in battle
  3. tdarian

    ABR Comparasions

    I just saw this too, looks interesting
  4. tdarian

    Historically Accurate ABR-1.. Who makes one?

    Found this, looks interesting, they claim to have nailed the metallurgy
  5. tdarian

    Historically Accurate ABR-1.. Who makes one?

    I tried one of the ABM bell brass bridges on a historic that leans a little bright but the tone shift described above was too radical, too damped. I had good luck with the Pigtail zinc ABR1. Kluson also has a decent one and it is not expensive.
  6. tdarian

    Grace under fire....

  7. tdarian

    T.Allen, You Asked a Question...

    Insisting on reality is now political. Thank goodness for good herb and guitars
  8. tdarian

    Grace under fire....

    You guys are an inspiration!
  9. tdarian

    Should I purchase a Guild 12 string acoustic guitar?

    My first “real guitar” was a Guild F112. By the time I graduated college the fretboard was well worn. I often strung it up as a 6 string, great guitars!
  10. tdarian

    Billy Strings on a Les Paul

    He can play! Awesome
  11. tdarian

    Grace under fire....

    Paul, we are thinking of you and Audrey! ❤️❤️
  12. tdarian

    Who’s got (and kept) COVID hair?

    Last cut last June!
  13. tdarian

    What is your favorite album of all time?

    “Meet the Beatles”. I was 9 years old and had been listening to Alvin & the Chipmunks exclusively until the Beatles came along....the Chipmunks never made girls go wild like that which I took note of and made the switch! I’ll love that record forever
  14. tdarian

    Heard 2nd hand that one of our members reported passed away - Dan Duntze (bluesforstevie)? Any confirmation of this?

    When I mentioned that I knew Dan from the Forum one of his Facebook friends indicated that according to Dan’s sister Dan suffered a massive heart failure. Stay healthy everyone!
  15. tdarian

    Heard 2nd hand that one of our members reported passed away - Dan Duntze (bluesforstevie)? Any confirmation of this?

    We were friends here and on FB. His FB page has condolences and RIPs on it so apparently he’s gone. No mention of the circumstances.... RIP Dan. We will miss you!
  16. tdarian

    Dick Dale Passes Away

    Dick Dale died apparently last night. RIP https://www.miamiherald.com/latest-news/article228064549.html
  17. tdarian

    Otis Rush Has Died RIP

    This guy was killer!
  18. tdarian

    Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I wish you all happiness, health and prosperity! We are a blessed lot to be playing Les Paul guitars and I am truly thankful.
  19. tdarian

    Iowa Man Killed Mom With Les Paul

    Not fake news! https://amp.desmoinesregister.com/amp/780211001
  20. tdarian

    RIP Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry, a true pioneer of rock'nroll has passed at 90. What an impact! RIP http://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/legendary-musician-chuck-berry-has-died-at-90/ar-BBylpKT?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp