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    My 52 (convert or to convert 2)

    Hope this worked. I posted about possibly converting (leaning against it) guys asked for pictures. Here you go hope you enjoy! Thanks for the interest, Brian
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    To Convert or not Convert

    Hi folks, been a member here for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning from the posts. I have a 1952 all gold Les Paul. A good friend of mine had 2 52’s and a 53. He sold me mine for an incredible price as we’ve been friends for 20+ years and knows I will appreciate i. I’ve...
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    Gibson Nahville

    Hello, don’t know if this is the right section, but was wondering if anyone knew if you can tour the Gibson plant in Nashville. My wife and I are going in March with friends and I REALLY want to see it if I can. I tried google but only showed corporate building. Thanks in advance
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    Joe Perry Burst

    Hello, if this has been covered before please forgive me. I am a lifelong Aerosmith fan. I know Joe acquired his burst in the mid later 70’s. I was thinking 77-78? My question is were ANY classic tracks cut with it? I know the first record is a 68 Goldtop and Strats and Juniors. Wings was mostly...
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    Billy Squier Bursts

    Was watching old school videos from my high school MTV days. Lonely is the night live. Billy has a very vibrant at the time 58 or 59. I had heard he had multiple bursts and at least one was stolen. Looks like he has another one now. Anyone have information on his bursts. Tasty understated...
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    Does anyone have a Junior silk screen?

    My 1958 Junior had a headstock repair and the silk screen was lost. Would anyone have one available? Thanks in advance, Brian
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    Convert to stop tail or keep trapeze

    I was in BCR music today with Greg who has been my friend for 25 years. He was converting a 52 to 54 spec wrap tail. I LOVE my 52 and it has been modded with a wrap over bridge. It plays great! It sounds great! Am I missing anything in tone, sustain? It has a headstock repair so doing the mod...
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    Fret wire for a 52 Goldtop

    Hello everybody, I have decided to refret my 52 Goldtop. The original frets are just too small for me. I have been playing for 40 plus years, but never did a refret before. i have a great luthier who will do it for me, but I am not familiar with size, brands etc etc. I like a bigger fret so...
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a great day with your families!!
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    59 burst on ebay

    Forgive me if this has been posted already. My friend called me up and told me about a burst on ebay for 150k. It looked good until I enlarged the picture of the serial number. When I looked at it I could swear it had "made in America" up high above the serial. I have only seen a handful of...