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  1. The Stumble

    Price check on an original les Paul trapeze tailpiece

    Hi guys Could you please confirm what the going rate is for an original les Paul trapeze tailpiece with screws and base etc aswell as what looks like a joe glaser bridge As shown in the pics Below? Forgot I had them and no longer need them Thanks in advance
  2. The Stumble

    Original Marshall Bluesbreaker Pedal

    For sale is an original marshall bluesbreaker effects pedal In excellent condition delivers all the marshall drive you would ever need I have had this pedal from new and it is still in great condition as can be seen in the photographs takes a 9v battery or ac adapter £150 plus shipping
  3. The Stumble

    NOS Gibson Lifton Les Paul Case

    For sale is a vintage reissue lifton case that used to be supplied by Gibson with custom shop guitars I purchased this case for use with project guitars that I build myself and have too many cases that I do not need The case for sale is in excellent condition and still has the key etc as can...
  4. The Stumble


    RARE BURST GANG BOOK SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR LOW SERIAL NUMBER No 00056 Excellent Condition If you are looking at this auction you know what it is Amazing book full of high resolution photographs of vintage original les pauls from 1958 to 1960 £300 PLUS SHIPPING
  5. The Stumble

    UK Vintage 1964 Fender Vibroverb For Sale

    UK Vintage 1964 Fender Vibroverb For Sale Currently on ebay at £3k but would happily sell without incurring the fees etc http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/172799840933?
  6. The Stumble

    WTB vintage fender amps in uk

    Hi guys Looking for a new toy, preferably a vintage fender vibroverb or vibrolux in the uk but anything pre 68 will also be considered Thanks
  7. The Stumble

    Vintage Case Identification

    Hi guys I know this isnt a specific les paul query but i have been given this cardboard case thought to be vintage and wondered if anyone could identify it and what guitar it would be for...... it looks to have a fender type shape at the top but the body makes me thinks of burns? anyone have...
  8. The Stumble

    Wtb Gibson es-5

    Hi guys Just thought I would enquire if anyone has a natural es-5 p-90 version they are willing to part with All conditions considered Thanks Dan :peace2
  9. The Stumble

    WTB 1956 or 1957 Goldtop Les Paul

    As the titled suggests i am interested in purchasing a vintage 1956 or 1957 goldtop les paul So that includes both PAF and P-90 variations All conditions considered as long as they are priced accordingly thanks
  10. The Stumble

    1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb

    For sale is a vintage 1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb (black panel) The amp is in great original condition for usa power and sounds just as you'd hope, including very smooth reverb comes with reissue foot pedal. Being a standard usa specification I wanted to leave that untouched so I run it with...
  11. The Stumble

    Vintage Les Paul String Action

    I have noticed on a few photgraphs that people post of their vintage 58/59 les pauls that the string action seems high comparing to todays standards as can be seen in this picture from the beauty of the burst book looking at the string height over the fretboard i suppose what i am asking is...
  12. The Stumble

    Heritage Auctions

    Good afternoon Gents I have been following a few auctions on the heritage website and wondered if anyone had ever attended or purchased a guitar through them? a 1954 goldtop sold for $13,750 and 1958 goldtop went for $42k both well priced in my opinion anyone with experience?
  13. The Stumble

    2 x 12 Amplifier Cab

    Hi Guys I have been looking at various 2 x 12 cabinets for a while now and cannot decide what to go with. Ideally i would like a marshall style early 60's pinstripe 2 x 12 to have the 'look' i want and probably kit it out with celestion golds something like this Can anyone give any advice...
  14. The Stumble

    drummer at the wrong gig

    just seen this clip on youtube ........this drummer is direct from the muppets haha :rofl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItZyaOlrb7E
  15. The Stumble

    Is GBASE a waste of time?

    As a vintage les paul player and entusiast i am always on the lookout for that new toy and this is where the problem starts i have noticed that a few of the guitars shown in the arlington pictures cannot be found on the the stall owners website or even on GBASE It seems to me that GBASE is...
  16. The Stumble

    early pat # pickups for sale

    low start price must sell For sale is a set of vintage gibson early PAT# pickups with modern DMC covers ideal for your gibson les paul conversion or a way to get your historic les paul closer to a vintage sound. I purchased these as specification wise they are practically exactly the same as...
  17. The Stumble

    FS 53/59 Gibson Scott Lentz Conversion

    hi guys i have had 53 to 59 lentz conversion for a few years now and really fancy a change. i am interested in a trade for a 1954 /55 wraptail goldtop you can view the eBay auction here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=170349261532 specs on the...
  18. The Stumble

    1966 Marshall Pinstripe Cabinet for sale

    hi guys im selling my 1966 marshall pinstripe cab on ebay at the moment it comes loaded with 1966 20 watt celestions .....the same speakers in the original bluesbreakers so you know they sound great :slash: would prefer pickup only at this stage...
  19. The Stumble

    fender amplifiers in the uk

    sorry if this is posted in the wrong place but.... i am interested in a change of my amp set up and really fancy a mid 60's fender twin or deluxe reverb so i start looking.........and here is where is gets frustrating....... is it just me or is the whole vintage amp buying deal in the uk a...
  20. The Stumble

    trade 59 lentz conversion for 54/55 goldtop

    hi guys i have had 53 to 59 lentz conversion for a few years now and really fancy a change. i am interested in a trade for a 1954 /55 wraptail goldtop specs on the lentz are:- it was one of scotts last ones in 2003 and i spoke to him at great lengths before i purchased it a few years ago now...