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  1. Todd Louis

    So how about a video

    So i do live feeds on FB now and then. Here was one with the Richman. And some Centura Klons i built. An som Analog man.
  2. Todd Louis


    So i was looking thru some boxes today. Came across a whole lota a shit.... Check some of this out...
  3. Todd Louis

    Well Congratulations on the new Forum....

    OK so here is a test of the new Forum pic postings......
  4. Todd Louis

    Mr Louis is back.

    So its been a long time... Whats up how yous doin? You know the otha day i relized it now 28 years of Historics
  5. Todd Louis

    Need Help Finding Strings for the Page 12/75

    Yo Guys I need help with strings for the page 12/75 I have to restring it but there not long enough..... Where can I get strings? TL
  6. Todd Louis

    Finnish Question.....simpile

    Ok I need to fill a very small nail hole, and then cover it. Its black so not a big deal. how do I go about doing this....
  7. Todd Louis

    Switch Nut?

    Yo guys I want a Repo switch 59' nut.... RS used to have them but dont any more, any one know who had some?
  8. Todd Louis

    How to make holes in a "Custom Made" Plate for the nails?

    So How do i drill the holes on the sides of the plate so i can put the nails in? What Bit, What Drill, Is there any other way of doing it? Help Guys... TL
  9. Todd Louis

    Trade my Gold B7 for a Aluminum B7

    So I got a B7 in Gold but I need a Plane Aluminum one. Pic later
  10. Todd Louis

    Bigsby Gold

    OK So I have a Bigsby B7 but its gold... I need a nickle one. Couldn't i remove the gold? Is there not nick plating under the gold and then the aluminum? Comets? insults?
  11. Todd Louis

    Rock Shop First Show...

    Ay Guys Haven't posted some thing in a while. Here is my #1 "23" in action..
  12. Todd Louis

    18 Watt Marshal HW doing it again....HELP

    Ok guys we all know the problem with the 18 Watt back when they came out, and mine was no exception. But I got it repaired back then under warrente. Well she started blowing Mains fuses again just the other day I found and extra fuse today stuck it in and BAM!!! WTF? Why is this haping and...
  13. Todd Louis

    Chorus or no Chorus that is the question.....

    So here is my board thus far....... Ok I cant get the pic up don't know why upgrade not working But how many of you use Chorus and should I remove it i don't seem to uses it much
  14. Todd Louis

    2005' Murphy 59'

    Up for your consideration is an 2005' Murphy 59' Teaburst. Guitar is stock with all papers, Strap, Cable, and COA. Lifton case as well. Asking $5 Grand... Buyer pays shipping... More Pic on request...
  15. Todd Louis

    Brige Posts....Help

    Ok guys I've tried and tried.... How the hell do I remove and install the brige post. I know you use the thumb wheels but I tried that and can't get it to work..... Anyone have video?
  16. Todd Louis

    Historic LP/SG Side to Side

    Ok so Im in GC one day and I see a USA SG with a side to side trem on it.... I said SHIT WTF? Why are they NOT on the Historic ones yet? Any one know anything about this?
  17. Todd Louis

    Claptons former 58' Custom

    So I'm sitting here at work and looking at The Les Paul Leg... and I came across Albert Lee holding Eric's 58' custom. Any one know how this guitar was weird? Stand Custom way or something different? And any one have more Pic's Where is the guitar today?
  18. Todd Louis

    Tail Studs....

    Ay guys let me ask yous a question.... I need to make the studs in my 07 59' counter sunk. Will that involve removing the post holes and drilling? OR? Who could do it?
  19. Todd Louis


    OK Im NOT buying or selling this.... Just thought the price realy???? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-Custom-Les-Paul-1959-Historic-Reissue-2001-BRAZILIAN-MURPHY-AGED-/221457125931?pt=Guitar&hash=item338fdf922b