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  1. jrock1

    I bought a Murphy Lab R-9

    Looks like the Toler ’60 burst. Nice.
  2. jrock1

    Hi Rich. I have a friend who does not participate in forums like this…but does view them...

    Hi Rich. I have a friend who does not participate in forums like this…but does view them occasionally and has seen your V for sale and is interested. If you don’t mind messaging me offline so I can provide his contact info to you…or if you would prefer providing yours to me for him to reach out...
  3. jrock1

    Tribute To Elmore on 54/58 conversion and '66 Marshall Bluesbreaker

    A bit bored today, so thought I'd try to post this audio clip I made with my 54/58 conversion (acquired from Paul Warren) and my '66 bluesbreaker combo...A not so complete and one take kind of rough version of Clapton's Tribute To Elmore from the early days...I think the tone is there in a...
  4. jrock1

    NVGD 1964 Gibson ES335

    Just acquired 1964 ES335...lovely playing and sounding...just the right amount of wear and checking...definitely a guitar that's been played...but not abused...the way I like it. Added the front shot showing the weather checking which I love...it is an original stop tail, but had a bigsby at one...
  5. jrock1

    Moving to Dallas: Need Guitar and Amp Tech

    Hi all, I'm moving to Allen, TX, a northern suburb of Dallas. I need a topnotch guitar tech and amp tech. I'm used to really top of their trade guys, so please - can anyone on the forum refer me to someone for each? Thanks in advance for any help...
  6. jrock1

    The VOX Heritage AC15 Head and Cab!!!

    I just bought the AC15 Heritage Head and Cab today (Honeymoon phase)and just spent the last two hours playing through the EF86 channel with my '63 Cherry 335 and my Fulltone TTE - and it sounded just beautiful...lush and jangly, yet throaty at the same time - and chunka chunka in the base...
  7. jrock1

    '50s wiring on vintage 335's?

    Does anyone know if the original 50s and early 60s 335s had the '50s wiring like the Les Pauls did of that era?
  8. jrock1

    Shell vs Plastic pick. WOW!!!

    I was invited by my best friend to attend a Rock n Roll Fantasy camp (for adults - in Atlanta this past weekend). He also has a kids camp "Camp Jam" that he runs in the summer. At this adult weekend camp called "Camp Jam Expo", the "Allstar Rock Stars" were Ed King (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Jeff...
  9. jrock1

    Two Questions for Comversion Lovers

    Wondering what your thoughts are on these two questions: 1. Would you rather buy, let's say, a '52 conversion with the top refin'd or the back and neck refin'd - and which would affect tone more? (my thoughts are that I like the feel of a worn neck and would rather have that not redone than the...
  10. jrock1

    What Should I Pay For This Conversion?

    It's a 52/56 with a neck reset, refined gold top (both expertly done), non 50s tailpiece and ABR1 (aged nickel, though) and a (60's?) black case, Everything else is original and in excellent working order. Back of the body has quite a bit of belt buckle rash (but no big deal to me) Oh, and it...
  11. jrock1

    New Kluson Tuners vs Historic LP Tuners?

    Are the tuner buttons on the Reissue Kluson Tuners more cream colored than the greenish ones on the Historic LPs? Are they the closest one can get now to the right color (for the money) since the Uncle Lou's are no longer available - or does someone know of a good substitute that won't break...
  12. jrock1

    My '04 Historic '59

    Well I was able to put these on with the Tinypic link. Thanks for heads up on that. I don't think they came out the best this way, but I think you get the idea. I got this '04 from Dave's Guitar in the fall. It weighs just under 9lbs and IMHO sort of looks a little like the "exquisite tiger...
  13. jrock1

    Who can post pics of my Historic LP?

    I've got a really great looking (IMHO) ice tea '04 '59 Historic - looks sort of like the "exquisite tiger stripe" black and white example in the Wheeler book. I can't get the pixels down to the right amount. If you all would like to see a couple of shots of her, can someone give me...
  14. jrock1

    rust on fret wire

    I haven't played one of my guitars in quite a while, though I've kept it in the case all that time. I took it out the other day and the strings were quite rusty and the frets seemed to have some rust or some kind of corrosion on them. Is there an easy cleaning solution/method to get the rust...