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  1. ch willie

    Who Ought to Play a Les Paul--Humor Encouraged!

    Seriously, I'd like to see Clapton do a solid gig of his blues and pop/rock songs with a Les Paul of any sort. I don't want a reliving of Beano, just love it when he makes a LP scream. And even more seriouslyer, I'd like to go back in time a bit and put a psychedelically freaky Les Paul on...
  2. ch willie

    Ugly Strat Neck and Funky JB--My Faves

    For many years, my go-to Strat has been my 2008 AmStd, and my go-to Fender bass the last few years has been my AmPro P. So I put together a JB, all AmPro parts--drilled and filled in side fret dots, and she's ready to go--Now, my favorite bass when playing compared to my other basses...
  3. ch willie

    Left Handed Les Pauls?

    I haven't been on the forum in a bit, but I couldn't find a recent, similar thread. This is my 2012 Traditional with 57s in it. It's hanging out with a couple of other planks. The LP seems to have little if any weight relief. And although many of the 2012s had a synthetic fretboard, this...
  4. ch willie

    My Tele is 10 Years Old

    They grow up so fast (sniff sniff). Hard to believe! It has been my number one for a decade, and it has the dings to prove it.
  5. ch willie

    1983 Lefty Ibanez Artist

    In 81, I bought a tobacco sunburst Ibanez Artist. It was my first left handed six string electric, and it played and sounded great. I had to sell it a year and a half later, and I've always regretted it. Over the last 15 years, I've searched for one, and each time I found one, it was really...
  6. ch willie

    Carved top Les Paul DCs--You got one? I love them.

    As a lefty, I'd have to go CS to get one, but I love these and wonder why they didn't take off. If you have one, make this lefty more miserable by showing it off...... I'll never own one, but I like to see pics of them, and if you have one or have played one, I'd love to hear what you think...
  7. ch willie

    The Golden Age beyond the First Golden Age?

    Pre-CBS is generally agreed to be the golden age of Fender guitars. Without putting down folk's prefered Fender instruments, what do you consider to be Fender's next greatest years? Now? The 90s? CBS era? I've been playing Fenders since the 70s, and I'm happiest with my 2008-2011...
  8. ch willie

    A Couple of Basses

    I play guitar mostly, but I started on bass, and I love it when I get the odd opportunity to play bass with other players. I own a Fender AmStd Jazz Bass But these are my others. The Ric is my fave bass, and I've had it since 1978.
  9. ch willie

    Those of Us Whose Go to is Not the LP...

    If your LP is not the guitar you grab first, what make and model is your go to guitar? Where does your Les Paul figure into your playing? I've always played Fenders, and most of that time, I've owned LPs (Epi and Gibs). I had a Faded Standard that I used for heavier parts of my band's...
  10. ch willie

    Those of Us Whose Go to is Not the LP...

    double post
  11. ch willie

    Bob Seger's Les Pauls in the 70s?

    In the 70s, I saw Bob Seger live a couple of times. I hazily (heh heh) remember a sunburst, but I also seem to remember either a wine red or mahogany topped Les Paul. Anyone know anything about his Les Pauls--other than the burst that was stolen. I swear that the only reason I can't...
  12. ch willie

    NGD=2012 Les Paul Traditional--It's Here! Pics

    Fellows, I take back a lot of mud I've slung Gibson's way in recent years. This damned thing is a piece of science--and no, it doesn't have the Gforce tuner. I owned a Standard Faded--great guitar except for the awful tuners, but it didn't have the feel or this one. The action is low, no buzz...
  13. ch willie

    NGD--2012 Les Paul Traditional. Questions about Specs.

    I've just bought my 2nd Gibson Les Paul. I had a Faded that was not one of Gibson's best--tuners were crap too. So I'm hoping this one--which should be here by next week--is a good player. Do any of you know the specs for a 2012 Traditional? I know about the two piece, laminated fb Gibson...
  14. ch willie

    Mostly Fenders--My Modest Collection

    Yep, a lefty here. Just wanted to share my collection and would love to see yours. 1978 Rickenbacker 2001--Ric toaster and horseshoe pups 2012 Hofner HCT 500/01 2012 Fender AmStd Jazz Bass 1996 Martin HD-28VL 2011/13 Fender AmStd Strat--Vonnegut's Bung--Burstbuckers and 2008 AmStd mid pup 2008...
  15. ch willie

    My Humbuckered Vonnegut's Bung Strat

    Hi guys, figured I'd put up pics of my fave at the moment. It's an AmStd whose neck and bridge pups have gone humbuckers--Burstbuckers from a Les Paul Std Faded that I just sold. I like them better in the Strat than I did in the Les Paul. They have a nice creamy sound in the neck, good old...
  16. ch willie

    Best Tuning Machines for a Les Paul Std.

    I've made excuses over the years, but i have to admit that the tuners on my Les Paul Std. Faded suck butt. I can't keep the guitar in tune no matter how carefully I string it. What are some very good tuners that will keep my guitar in tune and for which, I won't have to do any boring. Thanks...
  17. ch willie

    Rat 2 Nut on the power source input jack

    The nut on the power source input jack to my Rat 2 pedal came off and is lost. Anybody who has the pedal, can you tell what size nut that is? Thanks.
  18. ch willie

    Burstbucker Pros in a Strat?

    I've got three single coil Fenders and only one humbucker Gibson :( wah. I replaced my BB pros in my LP with Classic 57s, but I liked the BBs, and I wouldn't mind putting them to use in one of my Strats. Anyone ever used the BBs in a Fender?
  19. ch willie

    Classic 57 bridge much lower output than neck

    A buddy of mine, whose work I wouldn't guarantee, put Classic 57s in my Les Paul. The louder one is the neck pickup, by far. I don't have any meter reader, so I don't know what the output of the pickups is. Is it normal to have disparity like this? I've adjusted the pickups thoroughly...
  20. ch willie

    Sometimes, only a Les Paul will do

    I've recently formed a band with a bunch of younger guys (I'm 52; they're in their 20s). I'm a classic rock kind of guy, and we're doing a bit of that, but these guys come from thrash metal. So the music has a harder edge. I'm a Strat / Tele guy. However, they just weren't cutting it with...