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  1. jrgtr42

    '66 Vibro Champ grounding.

    So I have a 1966 Fender Vibro Champ that lately has been giving me a buzz if I touch something else at the same time. Obviously a grounding issue. I pulled the chassis to see if there was anything obvious sticking out, and didn't see anything. It is still the old two-prong plug. I've long said...
  2. jrgtr42

    NGD - Epiphone Inspired By Junior

    Just got my new Epi Junior a couple hours ago (thanks, Sweetwater!!) Early thoughts are that it's great. Maybe a bit heavier than I expected, but still not as hefty as my Les Paul, but a bit more than my SG. Fit an finish are spot on, as good as I could hope for from an instrument at 10 times...
  3. jrgtr42

    Les Paul's #1 guitar going up for auction.

    Les Paul's #1 auction It looks like |Les' son and Tom Doyle are putting the first production Les Paul up for sale. Any predictions what it'll pull in? Personally I think it should be in a museum, rather than going to a private collection or something.
  4. jrgtr42

    Another new endorser.

    After the tease yesterday, Gibson announced they have a relationship with Kirk Hammett. Youtube announcement with Kirk and Cesar I wonder what this means for ESP - is he still going to be mostly playing those, and having the relationship with both companies, or is he leaving ESP? Edit: i wish...
  5. jrgtr42

    PRS Archon amp

    Has anyone looked into these lately? I played one ages ago and really liked it, it's been low-key on my radar for a while. A few years aso, though, they were going for around $1600 or more, depending on the configuration, Now they're going for a grand. Has there been any changes that explain...
  6. jrgtr42

    New Gibson Endorsee?

    Saw this posted on the Gibson social media feed yesterday. Look like there're getting a big name - Dave Mustaine, from Megadeth. Interesting pickup - he's been with Dean for what 15 - 20 years, and with Jackson forever before that. I'm not a huge Megadeth fan, but it'll be interesting to see...
  7. jrgtr42

    Anyone want a Metal Zone implanted in them?

    https://www.menshealth.com/health/a35162813/5g-conspiracy-chip-covid-19-vaccine-guitar-pedal/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=news_tab&utm_content=algorithm&fbclid=IwAR1Hsxt-mlwjeufGYhZ6ATgaqK-upw3EIGnBkgXp9GFCUbuI38llEQSuMLA "Conspiracists Say This 5G Chip Is in the COVID Vaccine. It’s Just a...
  8. jrgtr42

    R.I.P. Tony Rice

    This hasn't been a good week for musicians. https://www.npr.org/2020/12/27/950648546/tony-rice-a-giant-of-the-acoustic-guitar-dead-at-69?fbclid=IwAR2-WXZS3dMN9j0kf2MuucAO4hMaZCRuoW-qFVEm-s-Hol87U2FrhNAE6Dk One of the best acoustic guitar players out there.
  9. jrgtr42

    Boogie combo - tubes?

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but I figured I'd check just to make sure. I have a Boogie Rocket 44 amp, got it in 2000 or 2001. Recently, there's been issues with the sound fading in and out, sometimes with a staticky, crackling sound. Yesterday, I looked in the back of the...
  10. jrgtr42

    Lukas Nelson Sig Junior

    Has anyone heard anything about these? I just saw a Q&A off the Gibson FB page with him, talking about his new Signature Junior. Based off his original 1956. Looks to be a pretty reasonable price too - around $1600. I still wish they'd release a Tribute series singlecut / single PU Junior, at...
  11. jrgtr42

    Guitars and humidity.

    Has anyone else noticed a difference in their guitars with high humidity? I'm not talking about acoustics that are, we all know, very sensitive to humidity changes, but electrics. Not even fret sprout and such, but the sound of the guitar. The reason I ask, we've had some really high humidity...
  12. jrgtr42

    R.I.P. Little Richard.

    Richard Wayne Penniman, better known as Little Richard, passed away this morning. The celestial band has a new frontman. He'll be back with his former guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. Hoping the disagreements are passed. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/m...rd-dead-48505/
  13. jrgtr42

    RIP Bucky Pizzarelli

    Jazz great Bucky Pizzarelli passed due to Coronavirus. :( https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/news/jazz-guitar-great-bucky-pizzarelli-dies-at-94-after-testing-positive-for-coronavirus/ar-BB1252MW?ocid=spartanntp
  14. jrgtr42

    Nashville airport.

    So my brother was flying through Nashville airport yesterday, texted me a few pictures of a Gibson Guitars display somewhere there (presumably past security; it was just a stopover) A Les Paul, ES335 and an SG. Turns out the display signs under each one were switched for the 335 and SG...
  15. jrgtr42

    R.I.P. Jim Dunlop

    Article Jim Dunlop, maker of well, every type of music accessory known to musician-kind has passed away. Though I have and use a ton of different picks, my primary is the Tortex .73. I know a ton of other folks here use Dunlop picks and such as well.
  16. jrgtr42

    Speaker choices.

    Evening, folks. Looking for a few opinons here. I have the baby Vox (AC4TV) looking to possibly replace the speaker. I want to keep the price down - I don't want to spend as much as the amp cost to do the speaker, so no Scumbacks or the like (sorry...) I am looking at the Jensens. Is there a...
  17. jrgtr42

    Baby Vox

    Has anyone here tried out (or bought) the new Vox AC4TV? Any opinions? This evening I was killing time before heading to an eye doctors appointment (my eyes are still there, it's a good thing) and saw this little guy. Very impressive. Mucho simple: volume, tone, and power knob (4w, 1w and 1/4w)...
  18. jrgtr42

    new finish

    Hi all. I'm planning to build a bass pretty soon (as soon as the "economic stimulus" rebate gets here)and I want to know about finishing it. I'm getting a raw-wood ash body, I know I'll need to grain-fill it, then stain and topcoat. What I'm wondering is if anyone has any experience with the...
  19. jrgtr42

    strap height.

    So the recent thread about what strap you all use for your Lesters got me thinking. How high do you play? Are you more along the Slash/Jimmy Page/sling it around your ankles kinda thing, or up high? I'm more down low, myself... By the way, no I don't have my pants hiked way up...I just have...
  20. jrgtr42

    Birthday wishes

    So I understand that it's someone's birthday, - our own Elliot E. Happy B-day, Elliot... (mods, if this should be elsewhere, please move the thread...)