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    WTB: Mesa Boogie King Snake combo

    PM me with pics and price. Thanks!!!!
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    FS: Hamiltone King Tone Consoul. 100 watt head. SRV El Mocambo tone!!!!

    100 watts designed to get SRV's El Mocambo tone. Awesome sounding amp. Just got it back from the amp tech with a clean bill of health and brand new set of JJ 6L6's and 12ax7 preamp tubes. This amp is super clean and bold. The tolex has seen better days but overall still and great shape and ready...
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    WTB: 1996 Gibson Joe Perry Custom Shop Les Paul

    Looking for the custom shop version of the Joe Perry sig. Hit me up with pics and price. Contact me at newtech27 at yahooooo. Thanks. Here's a video of the one Im talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMF-cEbkRvE
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    FS: BOSS, Analogman, Pigtronix, Barber, Crazy Tubes overdrives

    All of these pedals are mint and come with the box except for the analogman man modified tube screamer. All where bought brand new except for the tube screamer. All prices are shipped to the lower 48 states. Add 3% for PP. Contact me at newtech27 at yahoooooo!!! Boss od3 -$70 Boss sd1 - $40...
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    FS: Fender Josefina HW Fat 60's pickups, Suhr ML pickups, Texas Specials

    All prices are shipped to the lower 48 states. Add 3% for PP. Contact me at newtech27 at yahooooooo!!!! These were taken out of a Jason Smith 62 masterbuilt Strat: $375 Suhr ML pickups: SOLD Texas Special pickups: $120
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    Naylor 1x12 combo....adding another 1x12 ext???

    Hey Everyone. I have a Naylor 1x12 combo with a 16ohm speaker. Can I safely add a 1x12 ext cab that has an 8 ohm speaker? Heres a pic of the current setup. What would I need to do to make this work? Thanks
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    FS: 2104 Fender Custom Shop Golden 50's 1954 Stratocaster

    FS: 2014 Fender Custom Shop Golden 50's 1954 Stratocaster $2900 + shipping to the lower 48 states only. NO TRADES please. Thanks. Mores pics and details here: https://reverb.com/item/11945443-2014-fender-custom-shop-golden-50-s-1954-blonde-stratocaster email newtech27 at yahoo
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    WTB: 1999 or 2000 Gibson Les Paul 1959 historic reissue

    Still looking for one with a strong red left in the top and back. Any condition is fine. Email pics and price. Thanks :) newtech27 at yahoo
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    WTB: 1999 or 2000 Gibson Les Paul 1959 historic reissue

    I'm looking for something with a strong red left in the back and cherry sunburst finish. Any condition as long as it was never broken. Email pics/info/price. thanks :) newtech27 at yahoo
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    FS: 2 sets of Buzzy Premium inlays 50's celluloid

    Hello everyone, I've had these 2 sets for a while now and it's time to move them on. I'm not sure Buzzy even sells these anymore as these are made of real 50's celluloid and he wouldn't have any sets if he couldn't find the material. I used to put them in my r9's. These inlays are more...
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    FS: Pigtronix Class A Boost

    Kick ass little clean boost in mint condition. Comes with original box, paperwork, and 18v adapter. $75 +3% paypal'd, shipped/insured to the lower 48 states.NO TRADES PLEASE. newtech27 at yahoo Thanks :)
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    1960 burst action

    Not sure if this has ever been posted here....even if it has, still very cool ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRfQm4iiS2w
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    WTB:1999 or 2000 R9 cherry sunburst flame top

    Must have a strong cherry sunburst finish. Dont mind the overall condition just as long as it has never been broken. Email me :) newtech27 at yahoo
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    FS: Pigtronix Class A Boost clean boost pedal. MINT.

    Very clean and quiet boost. Mint condition with original box/paperwork/18v adapter. $85 shipped paypal gift :) "newtech27 at yahoo dot com" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQV6WMrHlso http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJUVndm3GfM
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    FS: Two Rock Eric Gales 50 Watt Signature Head

    Two Rock Eric Gales 50 watt head serial #1. Recently purchased from a fellow TGP'r. Great amp just not for me. Its in mint condition, signed by Eric Gales. Comes with power chord and foot switch (buyer would need a stereo cord for the footswitch to function properly). Red switch on the back was...
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    WTB: Gibson historic stop tail piece nickel plated zinc

    Im looking for the heavier nickel plated zinc tailpiece used on historics up until 2001 I believe. Thanks :) newtech27 at yahoo dot com
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    Beauty and the Plaintop???

    Anyone got anymore info on this beauty? Kim does the most beautiful cherry sunburst finishes Ive ever seen. WOW. http://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=178653
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    WTB: Aged DMC switch tip

    Email me pics and price. Thanks :) newtech27 at yahoo dot com
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    Tom Holmes humbuckers.....street price?

    Does anyone know how much a used set of h450 and h455 are going for these days?
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    99' historic hardware?

    Does anyone know what metals they used to make the bridge/tailpieces/studs at the time? I have a 99 r9 with the stock tailpiece and bridge setup and it sounds amazing. My used 01 r7 came with a lightweight aluminum tailpiece (the one on the 99 is noticeably heavier) and tonepros bridge. This...