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  1. toxpert

    A true 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    My 68 GT has the bean shaped caps.
  2. toxpert

    1975 Les Paul Deluxe - Victim of 80’s Body Modification - What’s it worth?

    The case accompanying that guitar is the best version of the Protector series. IMHO, the best case Gibson ever sold.
  3. toxpert

    Thoughts on this 1971 Gold Top- help?

    The pics below are from the Gibson web site and intended as a pictorial reference for what typical Goldtop Les Paul’s look like: The OP can compare what he/she has bought to these pics...and see what he/she wants to see. Respectfully, Mac
  4. toxpert

    FS: MXR foam sheet for MXR pedals

    I have an extra OEM replacement foam sheet for inside pedal and wrapped around the circuit board. It is listed on eBay (see link below). I will send FREE as giveaway to first forum member that responds to me...no charge for shipping. Yup...just ask and it’s yours and I can kill off the eBay...
  5. toxpert

    Anamoly in 2015 TH58 nitro???!!!

  6. toxpert

    Some Post-Thanksgiving Turkey

    Back in the day...RIP Gary
  7. toxpert

    Gibson Restructuring Possible?

    New V announced $4,499 MSRP http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2018/Custom/Modern-Flying-V.aspx
  8. toxpert

    Some vintage Junior action

    Nice tone... ...and one of the notable Junior players...
  9. toxpert

    NGD 4-digit '58 Junior

    My 4-digit 58 Junior with sharp edges has the narrow fret wire. I received mine as a husk that had been stored away after stripped of hardware and finish (except serial number) back in the 60s. Mine has the vampire bite marks of soap bar screws in the pickup cavity.
  10. toxpert

    CC19 - Double cut Junior Black

    Ask and you got it here. My '58 4-digit Junior...refinned 30-40 years ago to black. If I were choosing between a CC and vintage...I would stay with this one:
  11. toxpert

    Silver Rockett Archer question

    I see two versions of silver Archer pedals...logo on bottom is either stylized "JARD" or "J.Rockett Audio Designs". Is there any difference between the two effects pedals ?:hmm
  12. toxpert

    Heart of the Solo, a legacy lesson

    Matching the guitar solo to what the music and song are all about... Here's a sampling of a legacy left to us. This video captures Bugs as he was...a great musician and teacher. ...and the obligatory "Gibson" photo for forum compliance...
  13. toxpert

    Bugs during his 345 days

    Here's a link to Bugs at the Armadillo World Headquarters. I especially love his tone with the ES345 and the wide-open Super Reverb at this point in his career. Growing up in Dallas, I was so fortunate to see a lot of Bugs. So many clubs and so many occasions ...The Cellar, Mother Blues...
  14. toxpert

    Mick Taylor 1977 with Little Feat

    Three fine guitar players and burst content for this performance.
  15. toxpert

    61-62 Les Paul Jr with mods, project guitar

    FYI...if you are looking for a project guitar. I have enough to keep me busy and I thought someone here might benefit. Overall - not a bad starting point for a husk with original finish - has amateur routing to install a humbucker. Check the pricing...it's close to fair market value. Guitar...
  16. toxpert

    Salute to Dan (bluesforstevie)

    It's been a long while since Dan has posted here...I wish him well and that this message reaches him. Here's one of his tasty videos...after about 3 minutes he starts building a nice solo for a modern classic. Dan - Soulshine
  17. toxpert

    Some 1968 Crown Inlay LP pics to start things back up

    Here's my 1968 Crown Inlay LP road warrior. I learned about this vintage here at the LPF. I happened to come across this one years ago...at a GC. The sales staff did everything they could to educate me that this was an imitation Gibson - too many discrepancies to current production models. I...
  18. toxpert

    1958 Junior ...rides again

    This one's a great example of vintage wood on a budget - serial number 6370. This is a four digit 1958 Junior with the low neck angle. I picked this up on the 'bay as a body/neck including only the tailpiece anchors, the ground wire, nut, 5 of 6 tuner grommets and missing one fret board dot...
  19. toxpert

    Relic'd by a pro...post them and weep

    Cruising through the bay and came across this Billie LP Jr with a relic'd by pro description:
  20. toxpert

    Show your Les Paul Junior historic or VOS

    Here's one that I just acquired. A 1957 LP Jr VOS made in 2007. It's in pristine condition with no fret wear or body wear. I swapped: the pickup out and replaced with a ThroBak P-90 Dog Ear MXV. After talking with Jon, I went with the 9k wind. the control set to Rick's Dr Vintage 500K...