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  1. el84ster

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hey Mat, Regarding the arch tops, ever since 1970 the L5ces’ have had the wrong neck set (too high) compared to the earlier ones. This puts the bridge too high up and makes the whole thing play much stiffer. You can see this easily by looking at the side where the fingerboard meets the body...
  2. el84ster

    Finally Got my 1949 Fender Deluxe Back!

    Super cool and super cool story! many of those older amps, especially before the mid-‘50s are lower volume compared with what we expect today. Typically ran on lower b+. that usually makes them sweeter sounding. anyway, great score and story! Thank you for sharing.
  3. el84ster

    storm in a teacup ?

    Wow what a masterful spin job: 1) people don’t know what they’re doing/not used to old-style finishes 2) we have have some genuine vintage guitars here that have flaked off the same way, it’s historically accurate! See, it’s not Gibson’s mistake, it’s yours and if it happens it’s supposed to.
  4. el84ster

    How do you pick a great Les Paul historic ?

    Here’s what’s worked for me: 1) Advice from Carl Verheyen- pluck the b string open, if you feel vibration with your hand cupping the input jack area, chances are it’ll be a good one. 2) on a great guitar, the notes will reinforce themselves as they vibrate. So instead of dying out quick they...
  5. el84ster

    Changed the thumbwheels to vintage spec size and brass...Wow

    I’ve one by one replaced all the metal parts on the body of my R8 with vintage parts and it’s a big difference. the new Gibson metal is sharp and harsh sounding Yeesh! Each time I replaced some it got more mellow, woody and musical. The modern lightweight aluminum tailpiece is ok though, don’t...
  6. el84ster

    Throbak SLE 101Pick ups

    OP was asking about his Ltd sets that was done briefly with NOS wire.
  7. el84ster

    Throbak SLE 101Pick ups

    They are SOOOO good. Yeah no one’s parting with them. Closest things to my real-deal PAFs.
  8. el84ster

    Jazz on a 1958-1961 ES-1235 (with mini-6)

    How cool is THAT?!! Thanks for posting.
  9. el84ster

    Blockhead Firstborn

    Killer! I always liked the non-trem channel more. Now it sounds like you have 2 killer channels. yeah you don’t need pedals with that amp.
  10. el84ster

    Top wrapping? The really big question!

    Maybe it depends on the guitar but it was a pretty significant increase in sustain and harmonics on my LP.
  11. el84ster

    Top wrapping? The really big question!

    As for the effect on sound, top wrapping will sustain longer usually. And have a little more harmonic content. Sounds a lot better to me.
  12. el84ster

    help dating PAT set + harness!

    Chrome covers, mid-‘65 and later. As mentioned they’ve been in soldered already. I would not pay a pre-T price for that and assume it’s t-top. just noticed the slot screws on the bottom. Very likely later pickups. Pass if you’re looking for pre t.
  13. el84ster

    Blockhead Firstborn

    Cool, sounds pretty simple. Enjoy! I miss my 18w.
  14. el84ster

    Need Advice

    Listen to a bajillion YouTube vids of each. You’ll start to hear the character of each one. keep in mind that the preamp is the more influential of the two as far as final sound.
  15. el84ster

    Blockhead Firstborn

    There you go. that circuit is just so good. The best distorted tone I’ve ever had in my life! That amp just begs to be turned up.
  16. el84ster

    Blockhead Firstborn

    Hopefully new tubes will solve it, but after that it’s time for a tech if not. Might be some of the grounding has come loose or corroded. Do you know if it’s been messed with? Sometimes well-intentioned mods go awry.
  17. el84ster

    Help with treble bleed

    I’m not sure what those holes hook up to, you’ll need a meter to see if the holes connect to the middle and outer of your volume pot. if so you would put your resistor/cap combo across those. Or you could just try and see then remove if it’s not.
  18. el84ster

    Help with treble bleed

    .001uf in parallel with a 100k resistor should sound very unchanged as you roll down.
  19. el84ster

    Historic Murphy lab or Vintage .... try to guess

    I think the knobs are the big giveaway. Modern knobs still don’t look right, too shiny. Older knobs are a little more subdued in color.
  20. el84ster

    Amplified Nation

    Never heard of them but that looks pretty sweet! I think it’s your Lea Paul forum duty to go try it and report back!