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    Gibson buy's boogie

    i was surprised by this move i hope they don't bury boogie like they have done with other brands they bought
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    Fs Boogie Tremoverb combo

    I am selling my Boogie Tremoverb combo 2x12 speakers footswitvh included. This has only been used in a studio and a smoke free home Recently installed new power valves and preamp valves It is as new condition The grill was a custom order which was a £200 up charge £1200 Collection only from...
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    master built strat

    removed from sale
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    Gibson Firebird 1

    I have a non reverse firebird 1 which has 2 p90 pickups and a slide pickup switch. I remember seeing this guitar which had a sunburst finish it had suffered a headstock break which was repaired but the he also had it finished it in red. looking at the pot codes it dates from 64.There is barely...
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    seymour duncan Greenie

    I am interested in this custom shop pickup has anyone tried them
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    switch nut

    what would be the correct tool to tighten the switch nut without damaage
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    Tail piece studs issue

    I received and order from faber but one of the tail piece studs will not go in easily one works fine on both bushings' do not wish to force it down any recommend to what i can do
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    electronic tuner help required

    I am looking for a new guitar tuner and was thinking of the tc electronic polytune 3.Any thoughts on this
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    Historic plastic

    Does anyone know if that latest version of historic parts will be available to buy
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    Nylon or Bone Nut

    My 59 historic needs a re fret i was wondering if replacing the stock nut with a new nut to a nylon or bone nut. Help Needed Thanks
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    sono-tone strings

    Anyone here tried these pretty expensive at $18.99 a set
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    True Historic Parts

    Does anyone if Gibson will make all the new Parts available they look much better then the older historic plastics
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    52-60 conversion

    Hi I just purchased a 52 which has a bunch of parts missing.it has been converted for humbuckers. I am the 4th owner of this guitar the first owner included all the paperwork concerning the neck so i know that that is correct i also had it checked out by a burst expert here in the uk. parts list...
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    Historis Makeovers

    Just found out that historic makeovers will no longer be offering services to the public all work now only on guitars supplied by Marks Guitar Loft It is a shame that this is happening was going to send a 335 for some work
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    Retrospec tailpiece studs

    Anyone here using the offset studs from retrospec
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    confused n parts

    I own a R9 and wish to upgrade the parts to historic correct which are the best parts to get
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    Marshall AFD100

    Does anyone know what the price will be on this amp in the uk
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    new or used custom

    I am looking at geting a les paul custom black/gold hardware should i get a new one or look for a used one
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    marshall plexi ?

    I just got a used 50w plexi this looks like that it has been modded at some time and it has been made to stay very clean. I am looking to turn it into a high gain amp any recomendations
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    FS Komet

    I have a komet amp 60w in red with a black v It has mullard El34 and mullard GZ34 this am amazing sounding amp,it is as new condition and has only been used in the studio this is a 240v unit £2000 I am willing to ship overseas at cost