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  1. Fried okra

    NGD: 2020 Bourbon Burst R8

    Congrats and HNGD 🎸 🎸
  2. Fried okra

    NGD 2020 R8

    Congrats and HNGD 🎸
  3. Fried okra

    NGD - 2018 R9

  4. Fried okra

    Original burst taken apart and meticulously photographed...Burst 101...required read!

    Sorry This guy is a tool. But it was entertaining at least. :ROFLMAO:
  5. Fried okra

    The Kossoff Burst Reunited With Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke

    It carries Ernie Ball Ultras. 😁
  6. Fried okra

    The Kossoff Burst Reunited With Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke

    I really don’t know. Until you said something I hadn’t noticed. I do know he was nervous while playing. 👍
  7. Fried okra

    1957 Les Paul Special 1960’s Blue Refin

    Just scored this beautiful 1957 Les Paul Special from John at True Vintage Guitars. Before the original owner passed away in the 1960’s, she had it completely oversprayed in a metallic blue nitro finish. (Pelham ) The entire guitar was oversprayed in a metallic blue nitro finish, except for...
  8. Fried okra

    1956 Les Paul Special

    Ha ha. Great minds think alike 👊🏻
  9. Fried okra

    1956 Les Paul Special

    Thanks!!! It has that effect. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Fried okra

    1956 Les Paul Special

    A killer modded 1956 Les Paul Special that belonged to Austin legend Joe Eddy Hines. I scored this beauty at South Austin Music recently. Very happy with it. Obviously it has had multiple tail pieces and bridges throughout its 64 years. Joe Eddy played with Alejandro Escovedo and was a...
  11. Fried okra

    Weekend Hang With Jared James Nichols and Kaleb “Junior” Patterson

    Jared and Junior spent a couple days with us this past weekend. The lounge was rockin’ to say the least. Here are some pics and videos. Can’t post everything we did, due to possible incrimination. :) Enjoy. PS: No vintage guitars were hurt during this insane time. My wife was a real trooper...
  12. Fried okra

    The Kossoff Burst Reunited With Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke

    Three years in the making. I started this project during the Free Spirit tour back in 2018, and then during the Bad Company reunion tour in 2019. My friend Charlie Daughtry was the official Kossoff Burst photographer during the 2019 reunion. His photos were perfect as usual. Here is the...
  13. Fried okra

    NVD My 1959 Flying V

    As most vintage guitar geeks can attest to. Who wouldn't like to own an original late 1950's Flying V? On Thursday January 16 at 2:16 pm, I received a photo from my friend Rick at Garrett Park Guitars. The photo was of the lower corner of a Flying V, showing no more than a broken white jack...
  14. Fried okra

    Bernie Marsden’s New Signature Marshall Amp

    Just saw that Bernie is having a run of Marshall amps built to the specs of his ‘78 rig. https://marshall.com/marshall-amps/products/archive/1959hwbm
  15. Fried okra

    Gibson Loses Firebird Body Shape In The EU

    So what does this actually mean? :hmm https://guitar.com/news/gibson-loses-firebird-body-shape-trademark-in-the-eu/
  16. Fried okra

    Kossoff Burst Photos From Reunion 2019

    Charlie and Shari met my wife and I in Houston for a killer ZZ Top/Bad Company/Cheaptrick weekend. Due to the Kossoff Burst, Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke reunion being covered by Guitar Magazine we can't share all the pics until the article is released. But thanks to Charlie, we have some...
  17. Fried okra

    NGVD Ed’s 1955 All Gold GT

    I am honored to be the custodian of Ed’s 1955 GoldTop and add it to the Lounge. Ed and I had many conversations about this one in particular as it was one of his favorites. Thanks to Carter Vintage and Sharon King for working with me to acquire it.