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  1. Ed Driscoll

    Flametop Friday!!!

    I think Friday is simply a state of mind here -- I posted my photos above on Saturday as well.
  2. Ed Driscoll

    Flametop Friday!!!

    2000 R9 Les Paul and 2003 Music Machine Stinger-series Gibson Hummingbird: And with the flash on, here's the flame on the R9:
  3. Ed Driscoll

    Jimmy Page Les Paul #3

    Jimmy says a lot of things. The sentiment regarding his then-newly B-Bender-equipped Les Paul was reported by an interviewer in the mid-'80s (late in the Firm era, IIRC), before Page went on to play that guitar at virtually every high-profile gig ever since. Photos of it are also featured...
  4. Ed Driscoll

    Black EDS-1235 in action

    Nice playing -- I love the chime harmonics on the octave neck. 🎸
  5. Ed Driscoll

    Jimmie Vaughan covid scare

    So what about this prompted you to join a guitar forum to discuss your opinions on health care?
  6. Ed Driscoll

    Jimmie Vaughan covid scare

    It sounds like the vaccines are working, as neither man is reporting serious symptoms.
  7. Ed Driscoll

    Jimmie Vaughan covid scare

    Do we know if Vaughan is vaccinated as well?
  8. Ed Driscoll

    Jimmie Vaughan covid scare

    Why is that?
  9. Ed Driscoll

    Jimmie Vaughan covid scare

    Speaking of "disinformation hysteria," Abbot is vaccinated, and the article notes, "We want to let everyone know, that despite the news today of Governor Abbott's positive Covid diagnosis, Jimmie & family have tested negative and are doing fine. Thanks so very much to all who reached out with...
  10. Ed Driscoll


    Acoustic and electric Nashville-tuned guitars:
  11. Ed Driscoll

    Favorite Players Playing a Les Paul Deluxe

    Yes. A very different guitarist, John McLaughlin, was also photographed with a Deluxe in the 1970s:
  12. Ed Driscoll

    What's your #1 desert island guitar? (any model of Gibson)

    If there's power on this mythical desert island, then my 2000 R9. If it's an "unplugged" venue, then my 2003 Music Machine Stinger-Series Hummingbird:
  13. Ed Driscoll

    Help me date this Hondo?

    Here's a photo of my 1982 Hondo. Pretty sure the knobs were clones of Gibson speed knobs, but with white instead of gold, and black numbers: Good luck with your restoration (and sorry for the fuzzy photo and scan 😬 ).
  14. Ed Driscoll

    I bought a Murphy Lab R-9

    That looks fantastic. (y)(y)(y)(y)
  15. Ed Driscoll


    That Esquire looks sweet -- what do you think of it?
  16. Ed Driscoll


    This arrived from Sweetwater yesterday: Back in 2019, I bought a Nashville-Tuned Taylor GS Mini from Sweetwater. After recording it on numerous tracks, I thought it would be great to have a Nashville-Tuned electric guitar as well. Last year, I bought a Lake Placid Blue Fender Squier...
  17. Ed Driscoll

    Under the Volcano (2021)

    Great, thanks!
  18. Ed Driscoll

    Under the Volcano (2021)

    The trailer looks great. Will it be released in the theaters, streaming, or both? I can't seem to find an official site with details.
  19. Ed Driscoll

    NGD: LPR7 Darkback.

    Great looking guitar! One very minor correction -- Bassey sang three bond tunes: Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, and Moonraker.