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  1. BluesForDan

    Dickie Bett's SG with upper bout selector switch?

    I can't tell if it's a Gibson, there's a clamp on tuner in the way. It does have the flower pot. Looks like the walnut or faded to brown cherry finish. Selector switch on the upper bout like a Les Paul, two pickups and the four control knobs. I've got to find the picture again and host it...
  2. BluesForDan

    Custom Shop Les Paul Customs

    How far back do you have to go to get a LP Custom with an ebony board? When did they start with the weight relieved body? I played one yesterday at GC, first one I've seen at that store since it opened back in the '90s. Had it not been so noisy (honestly, what was I thinking? GC on a...
  3. BluesForDan

    F/S JBL Lansing Signature D-130 F speaker for sale, 232 shipped paypal

    SOLD ! JBL Lansing Signature D-130 F speaker for sale, 232 shipped paypal SOLD Giving up on ever making a cabinet for this speaker, it's been in storage since I bought it 9 some years ago. Tested it recently with a guitar amp and it works fine. Reconed for sure, no idea what kind of kit was...
  4. BluesForDan

    Jerry Garcia with a Les Paul

    was following another thread about Jerry, to a youtube link. On the side, was another video with him holding a Deluxe? Picture was a still on a video label Madison Square Garden 12/5/71 I've seen pictures with a gold top before, but never a sunburst top. Picture isn't clear enough to me to...
  5. BluesForDan

    Attention owner of 1999 R9 9 9360

    I just found your certificate of authenticity. Let me know if you want it.
  6. BluesForDan

    Should I bother asking?

    Lester's passing today made me reminisce about my pilgrimage to the Iridium Jazz Club, and getting the control cavity backplate of my R8 autographed. I had it personalized and dated on the inside face, so it would not get worn off. Due to family situations and financial circumstances, I sold...
  7. BluesForDan

    Met a Gibson rep at my local GC today.

    got to look at a mahogany body blank for a production Les Paul Standard, and a carved maple top. I think the body was a 3 piece. It was pretty cool to hold in my hands that which has inspired so many threads and posts on numerous guitar forums and bulletin boards around the internet. I was...
  8. BluesForDan

    Stumbled upon this old pic

    was looking at some old gear pics, found this one Left to right: '03 R7, '03 R8, '99 R9, '03 R0. All the '03s were brazilian. Before things went crazy. All were casualties of my lay-off later that year. Hard to believe it has been almost 5 years already.
  9. BluesForDan

    Congrats to Boston College mens hockey

    2008 Beanpot Champions. Exciting game against Harvard, who rallied back from 5-3 deficit with 9 minutes to play, clung to the tie against a furious Eagles onslaught, forcing overtime. Eagles were able to make some great plays and got the puck in the net first. One of the best college hockey...
  10. BluesForDan

    kthesheep - that Hiwatt combo in your HM thread

    the 20 watt 1x12 Fane combo, please tell me more about it. Construction, curcuit, tone, weight, price. I don't know why, but it has me very intrigued.
  11. BluesForDan

    Looking for suggestions for a small PA

    I'm thinking about a small PA, to make it possible to sing over an amplified electric guitar, for my 10' x 10' music room. It doesn't have to have a lot of power, and the smaller the better. I have plenty of mics to choose from. I was thinking about a Crate Power Block, I have a small mixer...
  12. BluesForDan

    Cooper Minis (or is it BMW?)

    As much as I do not want to buy another car for many years to come, I've had it with gas prices and might consider a radically smaller car. What kind of mileage do those new Minis get? I get ~ 24 mpg in my subaru, and that is just not enough anymore. And no, I will not consider a Renault (or...
  13. BluesForDan

    I can't believe this stuff is legal.

    Ghiradelli's Intense Dark Espresso Escape, 60% cacao, with ground espresso beans. With a nice drip-brewed Medaglia d'Oro espresso roasted coffee, with half & half. almost better than sex. :dude:
  14. BluesForDan

    Grounded for Life

    I had the television on yesterday for background at the house where I'm housesitting. I leave it running as part of my security strategy. I almost never watch tv during the day. By chance, there was an episode of 'Grounded for Life' on. Great show, so of course it got cancelled. I keep...
  15. BluesForDan

    Thanks for everything, Dad

    My dad had been battling esophageal cancer. He passed away last night, with me, my mother, my younger sister and my two brothers around him. He was active as he was able to be, right up to his last day. Yesterday morning, my dad and my mom went for a short foliage ride and then to breakfast...
  16. BluesForDan

    Anybody know if preseason tickets for NFL are hard to get?

    got some friends who are thinking of trying to see the Cardinals at New England game tomorrow. How hard are preseason tix to get?
  17. BluesForDan

    Be careful using craigslist

    I just found out something very interesting. I was going to post some items for sale on nh.craigslist.org. i typed it in my browser bar without the dot between nh and craigslist.org. I got some classifieds ads clearinghouse site, all sorts of sponsored sites that said 'free' ads. Had...
  18. BluesForDan

    Request for mojo and prayers

    Got some sad news today. The biospy reports came back from my dad's operation 2 weeks ago. I knew about the spots on the stomach, those were ok. I did not know about the spot on the liver, which is cancerous. Its gone from a stage three treatment to a stage four case. There will be chemo...
  19. BluesForDan

    Happy Birthday to my Dad.

    He's 77 years young today. Last tuesday, he had the first procedure for the beginning of his treatment of esophageal cancer. Its been quite a week for the old boy, he had been told 3 times he could go home that day, only to be held overnight again. He was supposed to come home Saturday, my...
  20. BluesForDan

    It's been fun

    I've dabbled in historic les pauls going on 4 years now, learned more about guitars, amps, playing, music and the biz around it all, than I have in the previous 20 or so. I guess some of that is thanks to the internet, but its mostly the people who frequent it. I've met some cool people, and...