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  1. Minibucker


    Strings are also closer to the body, if that makes any difference.
  2. Minibucker


    It sounds like those original PAF's are picking up more of the entire guitar. Maybe at least part of it because they're more microphonic, but those '58-'61 ones sound incredible.
  3. Minibucker


    I would love to get a vintage trap-tail 335 if it had a big enough neck profile. The ones I always came across were too thin, but they did sound great. The one with the Maestro in this is the best sounding of the bunch.....just killer.
  4. Minibucker

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    I'm telling y'all....a whole series of imaginary holy-grail collectible bursts.
  5. Minibucker

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    "CC#XX....the attic-Burst....'Hefty'..." If not this one, then from whichever of these kinds of threads got the biggest.
  6. Minibucker

    Which Alnico type is most midrange dominant?

    I tried a Duncan 'Custom Custom' once long ago, which is a really high wind, their standard custom...like a 14K wind....and an alnico 2 magnet. It was crazy...ALL mids, like a complete reverse 'smile' eq setting with a compressor. Alone it sounded kind of ridiculous, but blended with the neck...
  7. Minibucker

    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    I think it's just that 'Les Paul 100' thing that's a real eyesore for me (and of course those robot tuners), and yeah that's superficial if it actually plays and sounds great. Actually, if they were gong for a steal I'd maybe consider just getting one and having the headstock face replaced or...
  8. Minibucker

    Guitars that make you sick to your stomach

    That headstock writing and nut just always looked sickening to me.
  9. Minibucker

    Original burst taken apart and meticulously photographed...Burst 101...required read!

    If any one thread encapsulates the LPF....... Fun read. (y):p
  10. Minibucker

    Stephens design pickups versus throwbaks?

    Wow...so this ended up being an entertaining thread.
  11. Minibucker

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    Several come to mind, but the 'One' was a 1965 Fender Pro Reverb with original Jensen C12N's. Traded it with Lindy Fralin for a Victoria Tweed Super, which wasn't a bad amp. But man, that Pro Reverb was perfect...don't know what I was thinking, maybe that I wanted a Twin instead, or that it...
  12. Minibucker

    Which Alnico type is most midrange dominant?

    I've often had good results swapping the stock aged A2 mags in a Duncan Antiquity bridge PU with a newer A4. Gives a little more meat and fullness to a somewhat thin low-output bridge PU, but not quite as hard and aggressive as an A5.
  13. Minibucker

    Untouched since 1964 les paul 1959 burst find. in near mint conditioin.

    I'd just like to see one of these threads actually turn out to be real.
  14. Minibucker

    NVGD - ES-345 "First Rack"

  15. Minibucker

    Les Paul Standard 50s laquer

    If you're trying to compare to the original nitro on vintage guitars, all newer finishes (even on Historics) have much more plasticizers which help resist the hardening and chipping/cracking that the original lacquers would do in a shorter amount of time. So don't expect newer production...
  16. Minibucker

    Godzilla's '59??

    Ad pulled.....dangit....
  17. Minibucker

    Thoughts on ES-355 1959 Reissue

    Edit: Misread original thread title as ES-335.
  18. Minibucker

    Early Gary Moore on Greeny (I think)

    Looks like it, and dang it sure sounds like it...! I guess he fipped the neck pickup back around.
  19. Minibucker

    Shorter ES Pickguard bracket

    Just installed one of these and it's a cool little mod that's almost unnoticeable to most, but makes a difference. It's a shorter pickguard bracket. The normal one is I believe around 1", and they're all offered through WD/Kluson in additional lengths of 1.25" and .875". I went with an .875"...
  20. Minibucker

    Joe Walsh......on a Conversion?

    I know that there's a CC based on how 1960 Burst.....but just noticed this one from a 1975 Concert. Anyone have the skinny on this one...a conversion? Has a wraparound stop bridge..... At 25:36 in case it doesn't go right there..... https://youtu.be/GvughKkv3AI?t=1536 Also Glenn Frey at...