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  1. Stow

    WTB Jimmy Page Custom Authentic Les Paul "Number One"

    Vos or aged Let me know whats out there?
  2. Stow

    FS - 2018 Les Paul 59 Reissue

  3. Stow

    WTB - True historic top hat knobs or DMC

    Anyone got any True historic top hat knobs or DMC? Ill swap for some pickups? or buy let me know Mark
  4. Stow

    New Guitar - 1956 Goldtop

    Been on the hunt for a 50s GT for while and last Friday it all came together. It's a 56 and this baby has been PLAYED.. dings dents and checking all over the place, a real player! So hyped, had gig with it last night and it great fun
  5. Stow

    NGD: Mark Knopfler Aged

    After long wait its finally here.. I was nervous buying a guitar I had not seen or played but I knew this run was going to be great. lightweight, very resonant and plays amazing. Feels a lot like the Bloomfield LP. The top colour is best I have seen on a Gibson LP.
  6. Stow

    Want to buy a Zebra PAF

    Let me know if you have one? PM me Many Thanks MArk
  7. Stow

    Real Vintage Fender amps. Please post here without fear.

    As Joe B posted the Marshall thread, lets see some of your Fender amps and yours Joe, I know you have Killer collection. Ill start, here are my Fenders, 66 Twin, 64 Vibroverb, 61 Vibrolux, 68 Deluxe Reverb
  8. Stow

    Fender Bassman Help!

    Hello, I just brought a Bassman Reissue and I want to know how old it is.. I know its been gigged solid for at least 15yrs. The guy said it was a pre reissue custom order but not sure? its a killer killer amp! serial number is AA01252 Anyone know how to date them?
  9. Stow

    Burst Video of the week

    When I was a kid my dad has this concert on vhs and I always loved the playing, anyone know what the details of the burst and player are? Hall and Oats 1984 in London You see it at 2.06 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ednEsY9GTEw
  10. Stow

    Who makes the best top hats?

    DMC? VC? Others? Anyone help me out, or point me in right direction? cheers s
  11. Stow

    Real Mike Bloomfield Burst..

    Where is it now? I'm a Bloom nut and I have read lots and lots about the man, I know that the LP was last seen in Canada but I'm sure it must have passed hands since then? I assume when Gibson done the sig they did it from photos? LOL Wish we could see what it looked like now..Anyone got any...
  12. Stow

    New R0!

    Recently had to sell some bits to pay off the Mrs, but I used some of the spare cash and got a R0! :cool: I wanted this guitar a few years ago but it was not available but I have been keeping contact and last week set up the deal! Its a 07 Gloss Yamano R0 and came from Marks Guitar Loft in...
  13. Stow

    My R9 Refin - new pics!

    Its my 07 R9 that our very own Stumble refined to look better.. I was going for a Bloomfield / BOTB type finish. Looks very vintage looking!
  14. Stow

    My R9 Refin to Bloomfield Burst

    When the Bloomfields came out I had GAS.. but no cash.. so I stripped my 07 VOS R9 for a refin and got forum member Stumble to refin guitar to look like a Bloom with proper nitro.. I'm VERY pleased with results..:shock: Looks very vintage..bit like cover of BOTB LP. Guitar has OTP plastic...
  15. Stow

    65 Vibrolux Reverb, speakers, what to get?

    Hi guys, one of my Jensons has a smal tear in cone so I have taken them both out out of my amp..the other speaker is fine but I'm gonna replace both I think. Considdering they are 40rys old I think they have done well!! I need some replacements ASAP any ideas?? I think I want to get a higher...
  16. Stow

    JBL 10s?

    Anyone got any for sale? Or know where I can find some? I wana swap out my Jensons cheers
  17. Stow

    Killer tone out fo a Hotrod Deluxe?

    My 65 VR is still getting fixed so I'm borrowing a HRDLX... Clean channel vol on 6.. killer tone! Sounds very raspy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKYep6gL_gI I CAN'T WAIT to get mt Vibrolux back!
  18. Stow

    New Les Paul! 93 R6

    Ever since I started getting into Les Pauls I have been on the hunt for the perfect 59 reissue but I have just had a spanner thrown in the works.. Its just a plain old GT from 93.. it started life as R6 and it has been Grovered, Bigsby and has been routed for PAFs..:laugh2: This is it for me...
  19. Stow

    Video: Old wood and PAFs vs New wood PAF clones

    As discussed in other thread, I got a chance to play on Freds Original 1957 GT and compare it to my 2007 R9 with PAF clones.. same settings on guitars going through same amp. Interesting results..both guitars a killer... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bASay_5R1xU