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  1. fakejake

    How would have kids in the 60ies reacted to later rock music?

    Being a fan of both music from the 60ies and of the 90ies, I wonder how people would have reacted if now popular rock bands like Metallica, RHCP, Green Day etc. would have appeared on the scene in the 60ies out of nowhere. Would they have been shocked or maybe unable to 'get' the styles that...
  2. fakejake

    Vintage correct Goldtop refin in Europe

    Hey guys, I'd like to get an authentic, vintage correct goldtop refinish for my historic Les Paul. Does anyone have recommendations and contact details for people who offer such a service in Europe? My preference would have been Yuuki, but he currently focusses on vintage projects only. I...
  3. fakejake

    Not your typical LP sound... ('54 Goldtop content)

    The marvelous, ever-astonishing Julian Lage on a '54ish Goldtop. Must be a recent acquisition. I love this guy, he never ceases to amaze me :)
  4. fakejake

    Deadspots after shimming

    Hey all, I have a gorgeous '64 Jazzmaster ( https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nHQ4ZSpfDoN6Te7Se1Pkhk-CuP6UWUpx) on which I recently had the neck shimmed. The neck angle just wasn't right and the action was ways too high in the upper part of the neck. Now it plays beatutfully, but there are...
  5. fakejake

    US east coast travel tips

    Hi all, I’m from Europe, and will be in Florida this May for work. I can add about a week of vacation, and am looking for some suggestions where to go. I don’t drive and am pretty much exclusively looking for a city trip. I’ve been to NYC twice for about a week each, and I absolutely love...
  6. fakejake

    NVGD: 1964 ES-335

    Hi guys, I’m super excited to say that my very long hunt for a cherry ’64 ES 335 is over! :jim For about a decade this has been my most coveted model of guitar, but I never thought I’d be able to afford one. About a year ago it turned out that I might after all, after which the happy hunting...
  7. fakejake

    Opinions on this 1964 ES-335 in the UK?

    Hi all, I am seriously considering to finally pull the trigger on my dream guitar, a ’64 335, for sale at https://www.nottinghamcityguitars.com/product/1964-gibson-es-335-td/ <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:RelyOnVML/> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings>...
  8. fakejake

    Horn-like fuzz/ overdrive

    Hi all, I'm desperately looking for a overdrive/fuzz/distortion pedal that creates a horn-like sound. Very smooth, with lots of sustain and midrange. I'd like to play horn lines and arrangements in a blues/ jazz context, and the guitar by itself always sounds a little thin compared to a horn. I...
  9. fakejake

    Had a dream about the LPF last night…

    Funny thing, but had me wake up in a real good mood! I was at a dinner party with several members of the LPF, including Tom, Charlie, Mike, BigAl (none of whom I know personally) etc… I was super excited as I knew I’d get to play a burst for the first time in my life. After a while, one of the...
  10. fakejake

    Evolution of Fender Custom Shop over the years?

    Hey all, I’m thinking of buying a ’58 CS Tele from 2005. I was wondering whether and how quality and vintage accuracy changed over the years at Fender CS? Are the current CS models ‘better’ or more authentic in specs than the earlier (e.g. 2005) models? How was the lacquer back then- anything...
  11. fakejake

    WTB in EU: '63 - '65 cherry 335

    Hi all, I'm looking for a '63 - '65 cherry 335, wide nut, preferably chunky neck for sale in the EU. Player-grade instruments welcome. Please PM me if you know of something! Cheers :salude !!
  12. fakejake

    Early Danocasters?

    Hi there, Does anybody have experience with Danocasters, especially early ones (mid to late 2000s, still with the Fender - shaped headstock)? I'm looking at a one of his Teles from that era, but I'm quie surprised about the price (Fender CS territory, but still less than a Nachocaster). Are...
  13. fakejake

    RIP Ed Bickert

    What a wonderful, gentle player. He had such a profound knowledge on chords and harmony, a superb accompanist. If you don't know him, do yourself a favour and check him out! Embedding the vimeo video did't work, so here is the link: https://vimeo.com/93861498 I think this is his son...
  14. fakejake

    AVRI: How do they age?

    While the AVRI series has unfortunately been discontinued, there are really nice deals on the used market. The ones I've seen usually have the odd chip here and there, but I haven't seen any heavy wear yet. To those of you that own one (any model): How did yours age? Any checking appearing...
  15. fakejake

    Tell me about the Gretsch Country Gentleman (+ post your pics!)

    I'm starting to get an itch for an old Country Gentleman.... there always seem to be a few for sale, and the 60ies ones are still really affordable. Such beautiful guitars! Anybody here who own one? What are your thoughts/ likes/ dislikes about them? Anything specific to look for when...
  16. fakejake

    Any info on the 2019 ES line?

    With all the cool Les Pauls shown at the NAMM, I wonder what is going to happen wth the ES line in 2019. Especially the 335 dot and blockneck reissues. Anybody knows anything? I could only find a regular dotneck on the Gibson website, nothing like a RI or a historically accurate one...
  17. fakejake

    A few Tweed Deluxe questions (help please!)

    Hi all, I’d very much appreciate if you could provide me with some info on Tweed Deluxes. After years of lusting for one I recently bought a very nice, high quality replica. So far I played a non-reverb Princeton or a Polytone (solid state), both of which I absolutely love. But since the Tweed...
  18. fakejake

    'The 1959 Burst' documentary clips

    These clips were released just a few hours ago on a 'PeterMaxBaranet' Youtube channel. I enjoyed those, would be really nice if there would be more to come!
  19. fakejake

    Notches on a wraparound bridge?

    Hey all, My '65 SG special came with notches on the wraparound bridge. Trouble is, they are rather poorly made and the action between the strings is quite uneven. Now I wonder whether I should (a) ask my tech to make them even but thus necessarily deeper, or (b) get an unnotched replacement...