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    WTB: Pre-CBS vintage Stratocaster

    I'm on the lookout for a great vintage pre-CBS Stratocaster. My budget range most likely puts me in the rosewood board era but I may be able to flex a bit there. I am looking for a pre mid-1964 (clay dots, old style logo, etc). A refret, new nut, and honest wear are all welcome. I am looking for...
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    Replacement pick guard needed for a 64 firebird... does anyone make these?

    I have a reverse 64 firebird iii and the pick guard has shrunk a fair amount. I tried an off the shelf Gibson replacement, but every one that I have tried has holes that don't line up with the screws on my 64. I tried one of these...
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    50s telecasters - any tips on where to look?

    Despite the forum name, this fender subforum seems to be one of the most concentrated places on the internet when it comes to a collection of people who actually own and have lots of first hand experience with original vintage fenders. Do you have any tips for me when it comes to dealers that...
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    WTB: 1954-1959 white guard telecaster

    I'm looking for an original 1950s whiteguard telecaster. Honest wear and use is fine. No refinishes or cracks. Let me know if you have one for sale!
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    WTB 1963-1965 SG standard

    Im on the lookout for a 1963-65 SG Standard with no breaks or major issues. Send me an email at crlong at gmail if you have one for sale!
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    WTB 1956-1959 Telecaster

    I'm on the lookout for a 1956-1959 Telecaster. No refinishes, breaks, etc. I'm looking for one with a maple neck. Honest wear is just fine as long as the playability is there. Top loader or traditional string though are both ok. Please send me a PM or crlong at gmail dot com if you have one...
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    WTB: 1963-1965 firebird III

    I'm looking for a vintage firebird III (reverse) in excellent condition with no breaks. Honest wear is fine. Please email me at crlong at gmail dot com
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    Wtb 1963-1964 Firebird III

    Looking for a nice firebird III with no repairs. Please email me at crlong at gmail dot com Thanks!
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    Rarity of 1961-65 SGs with Bigsbys

    I've been on the lookout for a nice 63-65 SG Standard (as posted in the WTB section) and wondering what the relative rarity is of an SG Standard with a factory bigsby. I see a handful of images online but I havent found much info on how many were made like this. Any ideas? Wondering if I...
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    WTB 63-65 SG standard (with maestro or bigsby)

    Looking for a 1963-65 (early '65 with wider nut) SG standard. With a maestro, or if anyone has one with a factory bigsby Id be very interested. Honest playwear is fine. Thanks and please let me know if you have one or have any leads on one! I just realized that I had my email/private...
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    1962 es-335 neck profile question

    I have read some conflicting info online about late 1962 es-335 neck profiles. Do these tend to start filling out later in the year or are they generally still super slim just like a 1961?
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    WTB: 1959-60 Les Paul Jr TV double cut

    I'm looking for a 1959 or 1960 Les Paul Jr in TV yellow with a double cut body. Small "issues" (like replaced tuners) are fine. Honest wear is just fine too. Please contact me at: crlong at gmail dot com thank you
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    Anyone seen a Rossington SG for sale?

    If anyone has seen a Rossington SG for sale, either online or in a physical store in your area, please let me know... Im keeping an eye out for one these days. Thank you!!
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    Rossington SGs online?

    Been looking everywhere for a Rossington SG online for some time and I can't seem to locate any for sale. Do these SGs turn up very often if I remain patient? (cant find any concrete info as to how many were actually produced) Thanks for the help!
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    Les Paul Historic Juniors

    I am slightly confused about Gibson's current product line regarding Les Paul Jrs. Are all current LP Jrs "Historic" or custom shop (whatever they are calling it now) guitars, or are some from the regular Gibson USA line. I am specifically looking for a double-cut model, preferably in TV...
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    Any rossington SGs for sale out there?

    Has anyone spotted a good deal on a used (or new) Rossington SG lately? I thought that Gibson was making 250 of these, but I haven't seen any numbered more than 80 or so. Any help would be much appreciated- thanks!
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    Any Historic SGs out there?

    I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a friend for a new/recent Historic SG, but I am finding slim pickins online. Are these "hard" to find these days? Any help would be great- thanks!
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    Where should I look for hard-to-find CDs?

    I have just about exhausted my resources looking for a CD called "Naughty Rhythms: The Best of Pub Rock" (I thought it could be interesting). Does anyone have any recommendations regarding where to find harder-to-find CDs online? Any stores? Thanks a lot!!
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    Authentic Burst- inlays?

    I have what is probably a stupid question but here it goes anyway... Whenever people are discussing the authenticity of a vintage burst on this forum, it seems like the inlays are always mentioned as a sign of a real/fake vintage LP. What is it about the inlays specifically that provide a sign...
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    Shipping an SG w/ Maestro

    Is it a bad idea to leave the arm on the Maestro tailpiece of an SG during shipment? I'm pretty sure that Gibson ships SGs with the trem arm attached, but I wanted to get some other opinions. Any help would be greatly appreciated- thanks!!...