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  1. Laker


    I’m just finishing getting an old ‘71 Harley Sportster back on the road after it has been sitting for around 35 years. The last time I was on this scooter was 1983 so looking forward to a fun summer of riding this old girl.
  2. Laker

    The Fender Forum's Lounge

    Has TFF been renewed? I’m not getting that warning screen when I go there.
  3. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Sorry to read about your negative reaction. My wife and I both did the two Moderna vaccines without any issues at all. A somewhat cloudy day here with not much to do but watch movies and sip cocktails. Rock on!
  4. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    A fine, sunny morning it is here behind the cheddar curtain and I hope all you mothers have a really great day!
  5. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    A good Sunday morning to all!
  6. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    It is a beautiful, sunny, sub 50° day here behind the cheddar curtain so we took my wife’s Corvette (1st time out of the garage this year) out for a Sunday morning brunch run with our Corvette club. It was a fun morning with 45 members and guests attending. Hope you all have a great week.
  7. Laker

    Inherited a Rolex. Does Anyone Know About Them?

    My wife purchased a Rolex for me as a gift around 30 years ago and for that, it is very dear to me as I have worn it daily ever since. Around ever 10 years you will have to have a Rolex “rebuilt” by an authorized source that will give you a new, guaranteed watch for the same time as a new one...
  8. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    I hope everyone has a great Sunday! Just heading out to put some miles on the Harley.
  9. Laker

    Your Worst Concert Ever

    Sad to say the most disappointing show would have to be Ray Charles at Milwaukee’s Summerfest. The video at this site explains the cause of the problems, Ray’s reluctance to go on because of the ambient noise of the Summerfest grounds. His show started an hour late and his personal manager kept...
  10. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    I’ll second that Happy Easter and I hope all enjoy the day! I think it is time to put the snowblower away.
  11. Laker

    The Fender Forum's Lounge

    Any way to make this thread stick at the top?
  12. Laker

    The Fender Forum's Lounge

    Thanks for showing me the location, Sergio!
  13. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    Is this our one, lone thread here or is there a Fender related post that I’m missing? I visited our old digs and saw that even the Fender information has disappeared.
  14. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    I can't believe it....it's snowing!
  15. Laker

    What is your favorite album of all time?

    Probably it would be Bump City by Tower of Power because, over the years, I’ve enjoyed playing many of the tunes on it.
  16. Laker

    Vintage ES-335s 1958, 59, 59, 60, 61, 63, 64, 64

    The only electric guitar I own,, a ‘59 ES345.
  17. Laker

    The Sunday Thread (In Exile)

    My wife and I both completed the double Moderna a week ago with no ill effects so life goes on. I wonder if the exile will end.
  18. Laker

    Vintage Case For ES 345

    Well, I finally managed to purchase a very nice original case for my ‘59 345 but I think it may be the wrong case. The case I’ve used for last 25 years is from a Gibson Lucille that I purchased the first year it was offered. The 345 fits perfectly in this case, is well supported and does not...
  19. Laker

    A '59 ES345 Story

    Its been a long time since I lurked here, so I can't remember if I ever passed along my Gibson story. Soooo...here goes. In late 1963 I was putting a new band together and our lead guitarist came to our first practice with a sunburst ES345 that, I didn't realize at the time, would start me on a...
  20. Laker

    New member w/'59 ES345

    After lurking for quite a while, I thought I'd stick my two cents in and say hi. I own an original '59 345 that I hunted for and finally found after 25 years. Back in '63 I played in a band with a guitar player that was playing this sunburst 345, and after playing a couple of chords on it, I...