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    Murphy Lab vs Tom Murphy Painted Aged Value?

    Any thoughts or actual indications as to how the value of Tom Murphy painted and aged guitars will be effected by the Murphy Lab products? Example: Is a used 2018 Wildwood Spec Murphy painted and aged LP likely to sell for more than a new 2021 Murphy Lab assuming both guitars spec out similarly...
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    NGD 2020 R8

    First LP purchase in almost 20 years. My '03 Braz R9 was not a keeper (luckily, it appreciated in value). I've spent decades chasing the LP that would most remind me of the vintage 'burst I had in the '80's and though I found a few that came close, never felt compelled to go for it. Finally, I...
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    Fingerboard radius on reissues vs vintage 'bursts

    Is it my imagination (or poor memory) that vintage 'bursts have a less flat fingerboard, especially at the nut end, than recent reissues? I just played a number of 2018 braz board R9's and a CC #37, and they all felt/looked very flat compared to my recollection of the fingerboard of my vintage...
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    Contacting Joe Bonamassa in Madison, WI 11/7/19

    Hopefully, this isn't against forum rules...and is done with all due respect for everyone's privacy: I was informed that Mr. Bonamassa was always interested in purchasing super clean Fender tweed amps. I have one for sale (it's listed on this forum) and live in Madison, WI where Joe will be...
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    1950 Fender Deluxe in Beautiful Original Condition

    Amazingly clean 1950 Tweed Fender Deluxe Amp with cover. Original everything except filter caps (originals included). Too clean for me to feel comfortable using; even at home. Hence, the sale. Please PM me for pics and details. $4500.00
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    Historic that has satisfied former 'burst owner?

    After owning a '59 'burst (since sold) and an '03 braz R9 (also sold) I'm playing a bunch of current Historics and CCs. I've found a few that give me that elusive sense of playing my old 'burst: a Mick Ralphs CC and a Wildwood Murphy aged '58 from 2017. I have to admit, aged guitars that are...