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  1. Laker

    Vintage Case For ES 345

    Well, I finally managed to purchase a very nice original case for my ‘59 345 but I think it may be the wrong case. The case I’ve used for last 25 years is from a Gibson Lucille that I purchased the first year it was offered. The 345 fits perfectly in this case, is well supported and does not...
  2. Laker

    A '59 ES345 Story

    Its been a long time since I lurked here, so I can't remember if I ever passed along my Gibson story. Soooo...here goes. In late 1963 I was putting a new band together and our lead guitarist came to our first practice with a sunburst ES345 that, I didn't realize at the time, would start me on a...
  3. Laker

    New member w/'59 ES345

    After lurking for quite a while, I thought I'd stick my two cents in and say hi. I own an original '59 345 that I hunted for and finally found after 25 years. Back in '63 I played in a band with a guitar player that was playing this sunburst 345, and after playing a couple of chords on it, I...