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    60s Epiphone Wiring

    Does anyone have details on the wiring setup a 1960s (particularly 1962/63) Epiphone Casino would have had? Such as pot values, capacitors, wiring scheme. Thanks
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    Blackstar HT-Club 40 tube amp FS

    BlackStar HT-Club 40 gently used with some upgrades. Looks like new This amp comes from a smoke free environment. I only used this for occasional gigs, so it has been used for probably less than 30 hours. It has two channels with two voices (vintage and modern) per channel so you essentially...
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    Nady wireless transmitter for electric guitar and bass

    I'm selling a Nady wireless transmitter system for guitar or bass. $75 Usually sells for $150 new. I'm only selling because I'm too busy with work to still be performing live. It works well and has only been used for a few short performances. Like-new condition. Full model name: Nady Mini...
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    Nylon 4/6 or 6/6?

    What is the period correct nut material for 50s Les Pauls - 4/6 or 6/6 nylon? I have access to a 4/6 blank.
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    Casino bridge slant change (lefty conversion)

    With Epiphone's upcoming 2020 release of USA made '62 spec Casino I can finally move towards one of the guitars that has been on my dream list for a while - a replica of Paul McCartney's 1962 Epiphone Casino. Like Paul, I am a lefty player, so would modify a right-handed guitar for left-handed...
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    2008 R7 tailpiece company?

    What company was making the tailpiece and other hardware for Gibson Historic LPs back in 2008? Kluson? Someone else? I'm contemplating changing the tailpiece on my 2008 R7 but would like to know what tailpiece actually came stock on it first.
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    Goldtop vs burst hardware

    Did 57 PAF goldtops use the same hardware as bursts from 1958-1960? Bridge, saddle, etc.
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    SG modern to 70s conversion

    Is it possible for a talented luthier to mod a modern SG standard to one with 1973 specs? I ask because I play left-handed and early 1970s SGs in good condition are exceedingly rare.
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    Tuner for setup

    As my guitar collection grows I'm interested in doing basic setups on my own vs bringing guitars in to a tech. What's a good tuner for testing intonation? This would be for setting up electric guitars.
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    Ludwig Accent drumset for recording?

    I'm looking to take advantage of the July 4th sales and finally buy myself a drumset. My goal is to get a set good for recording my own songs via multiple tracks, Paul McCartney style (albums such as McCartney, McCartney II, Chaos and Creation). I already sing and play guitar, bass, and piano...
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    Keeping your beginner guitars?

    I wonder what people here think about holding on to their cheap starter guitars. I'm debating if I should keep my Epiphone G400 (Epiphone's version of the SG). It was my first electric guitar. But I haven't touched the thing in years, or even looked at it. By my current standards I wouldn't...
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    Gold hardware question

    Is the gold hardware on Gibson Custom Shop guitars plated with actual gold? Or is it a combination of other metals made to look like gold?
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    FS: LEFTY Hofner 500/1 Beatles bass limited edition

    Don't miss your chance to get this left-handed Hofner 500/1 V62 bass for $1300 - an amazing price! This one is a 125th anniversary limited edition, from a limited run in 2012. See this album for more photos. The V62 is made in Germany and the closest you can get to Paul McCartney's own Hofner...
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    Nitro finished Epi Casinos

    What modern sunburst Epiphone Casinos have had a nitro finish? So far I know of the John Lennon Limited model and the Elitist "1965" Casino Vintage Outfit model. Are there any others?
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    Stratocaster ID (Paul McCartney's)

    Sir Paul is usually more of a Gibson guy, but he does have a brown sunburst Stratocaster. These are the only photos I've ever seen of it. Are there enough details available to get an idea as to the year? It's pretty beat-up so my guess is it's a vintage instrument.
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    Choosing pots for '08 R7

    I'm looking to replace the linear taper pots in my R7 with audio taper ones. These would go with Luxe PIO capacitors in a 50s wiring circuit, along with the stock burstbucker pickups (which I like the sound of). What I'm mainly looking for is better responsiveness to adjusting the tone controls...
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    2008 R7 pots

    What type of pots would come stock on a 2008 R7?
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    NGD: Gibson J185-12 left-handed

    Last week I acquired this left-handed Gibson J185-12. There's a great story behind this one. Photos are at the bottom of the post. The origin story: I am a huge Paul McCartney fan. Mull of Kintyre was the song that got me to pick up guitar as a teenager. The instruments Paul uses inspire my...
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    J185 12 string strings

    I will soon be the proud owner of a J185 12 string (my first ever 12 string). I need some ideas for replacement strings when the time comes. Looking for something with: - same gauge/tension as Gibson's factory strings - good longevity - no coating
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    Harmonica stands

    I'm interested in a harmonica stand that would allow me to play guitar, sing, and play harmonica all in the same performance. Recommendations for models that are stable and don't get in the way of singing?