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    ES-355, no serial number, no custom shop logo

    I am looking at a 2005 ES-355. Apparently made in the Nashville custom shop (I called and confirmed with Gibson; actually they told me it was technically a CS-355, denoting that it was made in the Nashville CS). What I find strange is that there is no custom shop logo on the back of the...
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    Sound differences ES-335 vs ES-345 vs ES-355

    I'm in the market for a new ES-3x5 guitar. What I am looking for: -FAT neck -Viking Red finish (these are somewhat rare and/or proprietary vendor exclusive models, I guess) -stop tail; no Bigsbys, trapeze, etc -Prefer non dot inlays but for the right guitar, will deal with. I generally play...
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    Les Paul Customs 1957 BB reissues - 2015 vs 2018 yellowing; fret sizes

    I'm looking to buy a 1957 reissue Custom Shop LP Custom. The 2015 had quite a bit of yellowing on the binding and diamond inlay. I'm fine with that. I think it looks pretty good to me. Do the 2018s have similar yellowing? Looking at picture on the Gibson website and some other locations...
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    Brock Burst vs. Bourbon Burst ??

    I thought Bourbon Burst was the new name for Brock Burst, that name being discontinued due to a potential lawsuit or something from the original guy named Brock. However, in recent years I've been seeing new from Gibson R series guitars with the official color as Brock Burst. Sometimes, the...
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    What is this guitar Roy Clark is playing?

    I saw this and thought that this guitar looks and sounds great, mostly due to Roy's playing. Can anyone identify this model? Do they still make it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxDQQDF6j0Y
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    50th Anniversary R0 - version 1 vs version 2 necks

    I noticed something when I tried a 50th R0 v1 vs v2 and wanted to see if anyone else experienced the same thing. The v1 is an R9 neck. I played this back to back and compared to a v2. There was NOT much difference at all in the size and shape of the neck, I thought. Both were very similar and...
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    Billy Morrison Signature?

    Nice looking guitar, but give me a break. Why does he need a signature? Not like he inspired tons of people. I'd actually like it were it not for 2 things: -chambered body -really questionable Union Jack on the case What do others think?
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    SJ-200 Custom Elite experience?

    Does anyone have any experience with these? Even pre-owned they seem very expensive compared to the regular SJ-200. Of course, there are some cosmetic differences. Any pros or cons to these in your experience?
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    ES-345 questions

    I may be in the market for this, newer construction - not vintage. Ideally, I'd like a stop tail, jack on the side, figured top, with no varitone. But even after searching, I still am puzzled by a few things:. -I thought they all come with a varitone (which I don't want), but now I've seen at...
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    ES-345 questions

    (sorry, posted to wrong forum)
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    Which would you get?

    Assume there are 2 guitars of the same batch, same color, same price, same weight, same everything. They are the same very reputable dealer. One has straight flame across the top. It has excellent, resonant tone. The other has a VERY slight chevron (or reverse? The point, if any, is toward...
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    Wildwood Burst question

    Where in the color scheme of things does a Wildwood Burst fall? To compare, I've seen side by side 2 guitars, one Bourbon Burst R9 and another R9 being Scotch Burst. Both were very beautiful. To my eyes, the bourbon having much more dramatic contrast between the darker, more wine like red and...
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    Fair price for 2001 Standard Plus?

    What is a fair price for a near mint 2001 Standard Plus that actually has a top more closely resembling a premium plus top? It has lots of flame, to the edges. Thanks.
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    Has anyone owned or played an SG Elegant?

    I've seen some pictures of a model called SG Elegant with some really nice quilt tops. Does anyone have any experiences with them? Do they have a maple top like a Les Paul? Any info appreciated.
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    New Custom - firemist 5A quilt tops - worth it?

    These 5A quilt top Customs in firemist are being sold through a handful of dealers (probably MF, etc). Are they worth $3300? I love the quilt and the color but not sure about whether the price is fair for a new custom. Any comments?
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    What is a fair price for pre-owned CS-336?

    Can anyone ballpark a fair price for a pre-owned, vintage sunburst with figured top, CS-336 with very little playing time on it? I don't have the ability to play it. I'd think that with "very little playing time on it" the condition would have to be near mint or EX+. Any ideas?
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    Are CS-336's neck heavy?

    I'm considering buying a CS-336, new or used. One concern is whether the guitar is neck heavy. I can't stand playing an SG for this very reason. Please let me know your experiences. (Also if you know of any pre-owned figure tops...) Thanks!
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    RS kit installed but question on tone diff

    I had an RS kit installed and the difference in the tone for the bridge is noticeable, but on the neck pickup it isn't. It is the same basically with the tone knob from 0-10. Any thoughts? I'm real puzzled on this. FYI, I had WCR Darkbursts put in. Thanks.
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    Replace the nut on an 05 Standard?

    I'm taking my 05 Standard to the tech tomorrow to install new pickups and an rS kit. The nut is stock and I don't know what material it is. Should I have him change it and if so, to what - bone? Any special considerations? I don't know how tough of a job this is and if not really needed, I'd...
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    Which WCR pickups for me?

    I am seriously considering some WCR pickups to improve the sound from my 2005 Standard. I will be putting in an RS premium kit. My amp is a Bogner Ecstacy 101B. I don't play very loud (basement volumes) and I go from clean to distorted tones but I typically like to switch amp channels rather...