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    Identifying pickups??

    There are obviously a variety of current Gibson p/ups which have their own sound and tone.However,if one doesn't know what type of p/up is in their Lester ,how can one verify whether it is a 490, 492,496,498or a 500 type p/up?Are there any visible cues to determine what type of p/up it is? Any...
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    Vintage Sprague Caps. Help needed

    I've just acquired 6 vintage sprague caps however I'm not to sure of their specs and the type of instruments they may have originally come from.The details of the caps are as follows: 2 caps which have the colour code red, red, yellow, black ,yellow.They are both approx 45mm long and 15mm...
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    Pat Number T top Pickups

    I've just purchased a Pat .number T top pickup ,however I was surprised to find that the colour of the wire from the the pickup is grey.I was expecting to see the usual braided wire from the pickup.Did these pickups ever only ever come out with braided wire, or were there variations on...
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    Vintage p90 pickups

    I have recently purchased a pair of black bobbin P90's .When did the transition from black bobbin p90's through to clear bobbin p90's take place? Is there any other characteristics I can look for to narrow down the era's of the 50's,60's, 70's and 80's P90's. Any information would be...
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    Vintage Kluson Tuners

    I've just acquired a set of genuine vintage double line Kluson Deluxe tuners.They are 3x3 with metal oval buttons and a solid shaft.I am aware that Gibson used a variety of these shaped tuners with plastic oval buttons , however on which models ,if any , did they use the metal oval buttons...
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    Vintage Gibson Catalogs

    Besides J.K.Lutherie are there any other organizations/individuals buying and selling Gibson catalogs, which can be recommended by this forum. Thanks Mel.
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    Help needed on buying LP custom

    A friend of mine is selling his 1970 LP custom which has been sanded down to natural finish.The tuners are not original and either is the rear pick up.Other than that, the rest of the hardware is original including the hard case.Some benefits include: 1) It does not have a neck volute 2)The...
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    Vintage catalogs

    I'm in the market for some original Gibson catalogs from the 50's ,60's, or 70's.Is there any organization / person out there who deals in this specific market. Thanks Mel.
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    Vintage P90 pickups

    I've been looking through various websites with vintage guitar parts.Some sites are claiming to have 1950's P90 pichups.Besides taking the word of these sites as Gospel how can one tell whether the P90's are from the 50's , 60's or 70's.
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    Kluson Tuners

    I have noticed that some vintage kluson tuners have a different patent number.I have seen single line ,single ring kluson tuners stamped D169400 while others from that same era were stamped 2355766.Was there a transition period whereby different patent numbers were stamped???Check out photos...
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    vintage catalogs

    I recently acquired a 1961 and a 1966 genuine Gibson catalog with their full range of guitars. Is there anyone out there who collects Gibson catalogs and what sort of demand is there on the market.If you do collect them let me know what you have.
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    LP hard cases

    Did any LP hard cases from the mid 70s come with a green interior plush lining (on the tan coloured LP cases) or were they all a marone/red interior plush lining.
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    P90 pickups: 2nd attempt

    I've asked this question before , however I'll try again.How can one determine the age of a P90 pickup.What characteristics did they have over the various era's ,in order to determine their age.It seems that by my previous attempts, I've stumbled across a question that no-one can seem to answer.
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    Les Paul Bodies

    I was recently reading in the "Les Paul Book" by Bacon and Day ,that sandwich bodies (Mahogany/Maple/Mahogany/Maple) were in production from 1969-1973.I have seen 2 Customs,one from 1976 and the other from 1977 both with sandwhich bodies.Does anyone have a post73 Les Paul with a sandwich body.
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    Vintage P90 Pickups

    I know that dating pickups can be difficult at the best of times, however what visible characteristics have the P90's had over the years which would help me determine whether it belongs to the 50's,60's,or 70's etc.
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    Kluson Tuners

    Does anybody know when Gibson commenced using Kluson tuners with "Gibson Deluxe" rather than " Kluson Deluxe" (double line) stamped on the back of them.I'm refering to the original klusons with the patent number stamped on the under- side of the tuner.
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    P90 pickups

    I know that dating pickups can be difficult at the best of times,however what visible characteristics have the P90s had over the years which would help determine it's era.Any information would be appreciated.
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    Machine heads

    I have a couple of sets of machine heads and I'm not sure which era or type of Les Paul they belong to.One set is basically a schaeller tuner in the shape of a kluson with ORIGINAL GIBSON stamped on the back of the case.The buttons are metal and tulip shaped. The other set is basically a...
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    1972 Les Paul Custom 54' Reissue

    I have a Les Paul Custom which dates back to 1972.It is a 54' reissue with a P90 and an Alnico V pickup.It also has an LE prefix.Could anybody tell me how many of these guitars were made given that they were a Limited Edition.I have also heard rumours that the Alnico V pick up could in fact be...