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    King Turd: '65 Johnny Smith Butchered Into GuitOrgan

    Here ya go -- read all about it. Bear in mind that the GuitOrgan worked by slicing each fret into six pieces, each hard-wired into the synthoid unit. So it's likely that the neck itself has internal routing to accommodate all the wiring. That means anybody thinking about a restoration...
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    Lou Pallo 1934-2020

    "The Man of A Thousand Chords" has passed. When somebody says "Les Paul Player" let's speak about 30+ years of playing rhythm for Mr. Les Paul. Start at 3:38 to see How Jazz Rhythm Guitar Gets Done (on The Lou Pallo LP model!), then keep going for a detailed lesson:
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    NGD - The Pay-It-Forward Guitar !!

    In this Most Epic PIF Everrrrr, Mr. Rev Pearly raffled a cool, fun guitar. I am the extremely lucky winner. Here ya go, LPFers. My NOS 2005 Squier 51 in gleaming black and white: It's a fun piece, a fine tool and a brilliant example of how inexpensive instruments can make a ton of musical...
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    Pay It Forward -- Ward -- Ward

    Rumor is that some of you own amplifiers which lack reverb. Time to rectify that! The winner of this session of Pay It Forward gets a TC Electronic Mini Hall Of Fame reverb pedal. Why do you like this pedal? . It sounds great, and . The free TC TonePrint phone app lets you choose between...
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    NGW - 1962 ES-330

    Sometimes ya take a chance and it pans out! 1962 ES-330 in "player" shape . . . All parts seem original except the bridge (which is chrome). I have a VOS nickel bridge to put on next time I put it down. Thanks to a peghead repair, I could actually make this one work. Thank you Guitar...
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    NGD - And Now For Something Completely Different

    '07 Eastman El Rey 1 14" hollow body -- Solid spruce top, solid mahogany neck, back & sides, ebony FB. Kent Armstrong "Magnum" PU @ 8.74k Ohms. I haven't weighed it yet but it's gotta be under six pounds. Golly geez, I like that red! Despite the lack of f-holes this guitar...
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    50s L-7 / ES-350 -- What Say Ye?

    I am deciding slowly whether to grab this one or run for the hills. This guitar is hanging (across the country from me) as a 1955 L-7C. The back is plywood and probably the sides too a la ES-350. So you could either call it a solid-top ES-350 or a mostly-plywood L-7. It's priced well...
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    ES-225 Detail Question -- Mike B & All

    My 1959 ES-225TDN is getting a replacement fingerboard. (Way-pre-CITES raw BR board from my parts collection.) The guy who is doing the work says that the current dots are pearl-oid plastic. Was the spec on this guitar real pearl or pearl-oid? THANK YOU in advance, folks.