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  1. Tubes 'n Wood

    Old speaker/tubes question

    I acquired an old Victor projector and speaker cabinet in very good condition and very cheaply (because in the ad it showed an old Jensen speaker). After getting it home and taking the housings apart, I discovered: 1) The speaker is a Jensen P12P Concert Series, Codes: 220212, C5394 25166 (and...
  2. Tubes 'n Wood

    Replacement 15" PA speaker recommendations

    Title says it all... just need some recommendations. I was given some Crate SP-1510H PA tops (horn/10"/15") that all check out except the 15" Eminence speakers that are in them are shot (Like someone used them for target practice with a football)!? I want to set up a little pa at my house, so...
  3. Tubes 'n Wood

    Old pickup trucks anyone?

    Any forum members into old trucks? I recently bought a 1968 GMC 3/4 ton pickup: 2wd, 350 motor, 350 or 400 turbo transmission (need to crawl under it and see) with a 4.11 rear end. Decent shape and runs. I have always loved old trucks but never could find one I could afford. This one literally...
  4. Tubes 'n Wood

    5F1 ext. speaker cab jack?

    Just posting a question to the collective knowledge here. Can an ext. cab jack be added to a Tweed Champ? I'd like to be able to use the internal 8" speaker and a 10" ext cab at same time. My immediate questions would be: 1) can it be done? 2) would the amp be able to handle it? 3) can it be...
  5. Tubes 'n Wood

    '76 Les Paul Custom

    Quick question for the forum. In the basic ballpark sense, what price range would a 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom (natural 3 piece top, pancake body, 3 piece maple neck, 3 humbuckers) in well played, but not abused shape with all original parts bring?
  6. Tubes 'n Wood

    Nexxus AirBrdige

    Anyone try this yet? Or have knowledge of someone using and liking and/or disliking it?
  7. Tubes 'n Wood

    Tweed clone 5E3

    Just got around to putting my head version Mojotone 5E3 clone through its paces into a homemade 2x12" cab. First impressions... WOW!? Cleans on edge of break up, to marshall-esque scream! Very loud for 15 watts!! I have 1 concern and a two part question I'd like to ask the forum and those who...
  8. Tubes 'n Wood

    1948 GA-30

    Ok, posting this again cause I posted from my phone last night and when I check it this morning it shows no avatar and that I have 1 post?! So, here's the story... there is a guy that approached me about possibly buying a nice looking 1948 GA-30. It is a cool looking amp, but I know nothing...
  9. Tubes 'n Wood

    NGD!! 2019 Les Paul Junior DC Tribute

    Loved the look of these since first seeing them, and decided to pull the trigger! My first P90 guitar!? 52F0971C-4E56-4AEC-BC02-D63A91F18300 by Dean Sprinkle, on Flickr 9B603A7B-7321-42A2-B4C9-177D557ECD34 by Dean Sprinkle, on Flickr
  10. Tubes 'n Wood

    Precision Guitar Kits

    Anyone have any experience with this? Just wondering about amount of finishing needed? I assume you have to purchase everything to go on it (IE: you only buy mostly finished skeleton). Thanks, Dean
  11. Tubes 'n Wood

    2019 Les Paul Junior DC

    Really thinking about getting one of these. Does anyone have a pic with the pick guard removed? Thinking this would scratch my itch for a P90 guitar and allow easy modification when needed? Thoughts?
  12. Tubes 'n Wood

    Guitar cab wiring

    I've been researching wiring diagrams for 4x12" cabs... and I only know enough to be dangerous!? I came across some diagrams for 'Series-Parallel' and 'Parallel-Series' and I didn't know there was a definite difference (but judging by the diagrams)? So my question is this... what are the pros...
  13. Tubes 'n Wood

    Hammond organ/guitar amp conversion

    Anyone have experience with this? Got a chance to buy an old Hammond M-100 organ and have seen on YouTube many different conversions (while researching he organ itself). Its full of old RCA tubes and Heppner speakers. Worth the $100 asking price? It works and sounds good too.
  14. Tubes 'n Wood

    5E3 measurments

    If anyone has a Tweed Deluxe kit handy, I have a question for you... What is the height, width, and depth measurements of the completed chassis. I found on Mojotones site, that the chassis itself measures L 14 1/2" x W 4 1/8" x D 2 5/8", but how much more is the width and depth with all the...
  15. Tubes 'n Wood

    61 Gibson Maestro

    Title says it all, good condition and works... is it worth 825?
  16. Tubes 'n Wood

    Gibson Hawk

    There's one at an estate sale down the road from me and I know very little about them. It's the taller skinny one, black tolex, brown/wood grain control plate with vol, tone, trem and rev, 2 inputs with footswitch. Can't post a pic (at work), any info/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in...
  17. Tubes 'n Wood

    Creamtone Creamsicle?

    Anyone here currently using or have experience with this pedal? Like the idea of a pedal made to go into a clean amp, but would like some members real world experience reviews ifn you all would indulge me?! Thanks
  18. Tubes 'n Wood

    1960 Jensen P12N

    Ok, I've got 2 Jensen P12Ns that came from an old Hammond organ that I'm finally going to put to good use. I know they are Jensens made in the 50th week of 1960 and that these should be 18 watt speakers (the new reissues are 50 watt?). I'm going to run my '69 Vibrolux Reverb into the cab with...
  19. Tubes 'n Wood

    Lemons & Zebras

    I've stated in another thread that I have a 2002 R8 in Lemon burst and I want to put zebras or reverse zebras (maybe even double creams?) in it. I'm thinking I like the look of Sandy and her zebras the best, but I'd like to see a bunch of them in the same thread to see which I actually prefer...
  20. Tubes 'n Wood

    Zebra/Reverse Zebra

    Ok, I am looking to put some Zebras into my R8, but I have a question... I always thought "Zebras" were cream bobbin with pole piece and black bobbin non-adjustable? Thus Reverse Zebras being black bobbin with pole pieces and cream non-adjustable? Is my thinking correct and/or do all the major...