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    Double cut question

    Did they make any model of the double cutaway with 22 frets and a beveled back? I know they did it to the 24 fret ones.
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    Weighed my R9 and 2007 Standard today

    The 2012 R9 came in at 8.6 lbs and the Standard was 10.0 lbs even. So much for weight relieved huh?
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    So the perfect R9...

    Should have what feature from what year?
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    Finally joined the club!

    Okay the thread is worthless without pics but I have had nothing but trouble with two different photo hosts for the last several days. I can't keep it quiet any longer so you'll just have to be satisfied with the news for now and as soon as I can get one of the sites to work, I will put up...
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    Vox AC30 questions

    Does anyone on the forum own a newer one of thee? I saw one today and didn't have time to play through it but I did notice it was made in China. That kind of made me curious because I had always thought these were supposed to be a higher end low production amp. Almost like a mass production...
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    Case change on Historics

    This is a dumb question but Gibson mentions the cases have been changed on the Historic series. Is the new case a better one or does anyone even give a rats ass or have I already wasted faaaar too much time thinking about it?
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    Does anyone make a travel guitar in a 24.75 scale length

    I'm on the road a lot these days for work and I can't readily take a normal guitar. I've looked at a few travel guitars but they all seem to be in a Fender scale length. Not the end of the world by any stretch but does anyone make one that would feel more like a Gibson neck to my fingers?
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    Preferred modern era LP's?

    If this has already been asked I hope the mods will delete this, but I don't recall a discussion on which modern era Les Paul's have become the more desirable ones and why? Is their even such a thing when talking about ones made more recently and what would be considered the start point for...
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    Cheapo Junior for my kid

    My daughter has started playing and her hands are too small to be comfortable on a Fender and she finds the Les Paul to be too heavy (hey she's young) so I finally found a good compromise for her. I got an Epihone LP Jr. for her. No pics but it's wine red. It's the ultra cheap Epi one that is...
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    Where can I get a Gibson coffee mug?

    I know it isn't on topic but one good answer is all I need. I can't seem to find them on the net anywhere.
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    Does anyone sell a Les Paul calender?

    Does anyone sell a Les Paul calendar? I've seen plenty of Strat ones, and Fender ones, and vintage guitar ones that had a Lester or two in them but I have never been able to find one that was just Les Paul or at least all Gibson.
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    Correct bridge for 69 SG

    Okay, I finally found a correct Maestro vibrola for my buddy's 69 SG but now we need to replace the bridge. Did all the electric Gibsons at that time use the same ABR?
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    Proper case for 69 SG

    In 1969 would an SG STD have a shaped case or a rectangular one?
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    Correct hardware on a 69 SG

    A close friend of mine has a 69 SG Standard that recieved a lot of the usual 70's mods (Grovers, brass nut, fine tuning stop tailpiece etc.) and he is slowly returning it to stock. I was able to find a correct Maestro vibrato for him but it doesn't have the screws. What would have been the...
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    64 Vibroverb Custom

    Okay so here's the deal, I have a chance to buy one of these VV reissue amps with the Diaz mods and whatever. The amp is priced right at that point where it's too cheap to not buy it but still expensive enough to know it's a foolish buy for me. I haven't played out in years and currently I'm...