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  1. wharris

    Tailpiece Preservation

    A question for those of you that top-wrap your TOM vintage Les Paul. Do you buy a repro TP to avoid marking up the original? I'm on the top-wrap side of the fence, and never really thought much of it until I acquired my '57 goldtop this year.
  2. wharris

    This Is a Joke, Right?

    Surely, this is some kind of inside joke. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d5buCLLBPs
  3. wharris

    Historic Makeovers Real Deal Series Goldtop

    Kim is doing his first RDS guitar for me. It is an 8 pound 4 oz Goldtop that is getting the whole treatment: Package A, top carve, Royalite binding, neck reset/Hide glue, nylon nut, and a correct Gold finish with some aging. I'm going with a Darkback on this one. Kim is planning something...
  4. wharris

    Look What Kim Found!

    Fairly new on the forum, but am hoping to benefit from some of the expertise of you guys. I acquired a '99 R7 Goldtop for a song. It has a great neck on it and resonates nicely. My goal was to do a total redo on this as a fun project. It has been a very educational experience as I have perused...