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  1. vic108

    Opinions Please: Yes Or No?

    With or without PG and SR? I REALLY can't decide..........
  2. vic108

    Christmas Gift Above All Others!

    Have you ever said "Why did this happen to me?!" in a GOOD way?! Lena~Costoso said he was sending me something special for Christmas. Little did I know he was going to do this! IN REPOSE: ES-135 IN FRONT OF MY 3 LENA~COSTOSO BUILT AMPS: I played this through the BASSMAN and man was...
  3. vic108

    What Tubes For A Bassman?

    L_C is almost with my BASSMAN CLONE and we're wondering what tubes would be best. What tubes would you recommend? GZ34, also called the 5AR4 two 6L6GC or 5881 or KT66. two 12AX7 variety or three if you dont use a 12AY7 in the first stage. So, the classic is 12AY7, 12AX7, 12AX7 6L6 6L6 5AR4...
  4. vic108

    L6-S - Under The Radar

    Picked this up a few weeks ago..... Well, it's not original pups but the pups in there sound GREAT(490/498). I got the solid covers to go on those pups later maybe...? Plus the MID knob brings out some WONDERFUL tones. The MAPLE neck is a treat too... Very underated indeed!
  5. vic108

    Hand Made Champ

    Here are some pixs of my new CHAMP that I should recieve sometime this week from the amp guru Lena~Costoso. Thanks to Lena~Costoso for all his hard work and mojo! It's a 5E1 Champ, complete with choke, set within a black tolexed 5E3 cabinet, with blackface era grille cloth. The chassis is...
  6. vic108

    HISTORIC? It's still a LP, right?

    I mean, isn't EVERY LP made after 1960 a HISTORIC in some sense? Unless it's a new configuration of wood, parts, and placement, it's based on some sort of LP that came before it. Each year they got further and further away from the specs that made a Les Paul desirable and gradually evolved...
  7. vic108

    The Humble Peavey Classic 30

    OK, I got this problem, I know but this has been on E-Bay and Instrumentexchange.com for 6 months with a starting bid price of $490 with NO BIDS on it on either site. About a month ago, I started ragging him to drop the starting price and everytime an auction would end, I'd rub it in.... "Hey...
  8. vic108

    Why can't they all do this...

    Looking through EEK!-Bay for amps and came across this auction for a MATCHLESS "BRAVE" combo WITH VIDEO & SOUND CLIPS! Now, why can't everyone do this? My hat's off to the seller! Here's a link...
  9. vic108

    SG's: The Other White Meat

    1998 SG Deluxe w/ Mini HB's 2004 SG Classic w/ P-90's Choose the right tool for the job.
  10. vic108


    A friend came over with a cheap LP copy, a "BLACK BEAUTY" knock off. No name, no serial number, or anything. Played OK, bound body & neck, inlayed headstock. Looks like it's been in a case for 25 years. Looks like it had been monkeyed with. But the monkey put these on... Looks like the...
  11. vic108

    1986 Les Paul Studio

    Took some better pixs of my 1986 Les Paul Studio (Shaw pups?) OK, it was made after 1959 but it SOUNDS & PLAYS GREAT!
  12. vic108

    Cornford amps?

    Any Cornford amp owners out there? How do they hold up? They have a great sound but I need to play one. Who's a good Cornford dealer in the USA?
  13. vic108

    The Perfect Amp.......?

    There's this guitar tone in my head that haunts me... It's part Dumble, part Dr. Z, part Matchless, part Fuchs, part Bruno, with HEAVY DOSES of an old Fender 1949 Champ, a 1959 Bassman, and a 1955 Tweed Deluxe.......breaks sweetly with alot of saturation. Maybe, if you just mixed a Champ with...