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Sep 14, 1956 (Age: 65)
Mudwogweap, VA
Current Gear
1986 Gibson Les Paul Studio Standard
2001 Gibson ES-135 in Blue Burst
1982 Gibson L6-S
2004 Gibson SG Classic w/ P-90's
1998 Gibson SG Deluxe w/ 3 Mini HB's
1999 Fender Nashville Tele
1985 Fender Tele '62 RI (MIJ)
1998 Custom made Fender/Warmoth Tele Thinline
2005 Fender Lite Ash Strat
2004 Line 6 Variax 700 Acoustic
2005 Line 6 Variax 600 Electric
1999 Fender Squire P-Bass
19++ Fender Squire Musicmaster Bass
Bassman ('56 inspired but modded)
Hot Rod Fender Champ - 18 Watts
Fender Champ clone in Deluxe cab w/ Celestian
Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket
Peavey Classic 30 combo in maple cab
Vox Brian May
Line 6 Flextone III XL and Floorboard
Line 6 Spyder II Half Stack
Musical Influences
Rory Gallagher, Robert Fripp, Billy Gibbons, Frank Zappa, Leslie West, Pete Townshed, V.O.L.


Guitars will get you through times of no money better
than money will get you through times of no guitars