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Recent content by Uncle Gary

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    Stupid Firebird tuner question.

    The long thread on the J.B. signature Firebird got me thinking about the Firebird tuners. They are always referred to as "Kluson banjo tuners". My question is this: has anybody ever seen them actually used on a banjo? given the weight and bulk of them, I can't imagine four of them on a...
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    Warren Haynes ES335 cracked.

    I've had the Warren Haynes ES335 for just about a month, and I've really been bonding with this guitar. Then, tonight I picked it up and noticed an inch long crack in the top on the bass side "ear". This appears to have just happened sometime in the past couple of days. I realize it's been a...
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    OEM Gibson acoustic strings?

    Can anyone tell me what strings Gibson is installing on their acoustics when they're shipped from Bozeman these days? Back in December, I bought a new Gibson Dove which had been hand picked and carried to the store by the Gibson factory rep. I loved the tone, and wanted to keep the same sound...
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    Okay you guys, come clean (chambered reissue content).

    While I was trying to convince myself that I "needed" just one more Les Paul, somebody else got this one I had my eye on from Mark's Guitar loft: http://www.marksguitarloft.com/picBrowser.php?id=HotRod58icedtea Another one gets away from me. Which one of you guys got it? This makes four I've...