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  1. timmy 2 tone

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    I regret selling mine that's for sure. Great little amp with just enough head room to gig with.
  2. timmy 2 tone

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    A 1949 super, :(
  3. timmy 2 tone

    NGD - 1955 Les Paul Custom

    Sweet, enjoy that guitar in good health!
  4. timmy 2 tone

    Fender super champ for sale (Rivera years)

    I'm selling my super champ. Works great plus it has an upgraded speaker in it, (have original also). I also have the original foot switch for it and a cover. The speaker is a weber Chicago blues and sounds great. Call me or text cause all I have now is my phone, no more computer. (Times are...
  5. timmy 2 tone

    100 Watt Super leads

    Does anyone like to rip on some old 100 watters anymore??? I play this rig when I'm in the studio, :## But like in the other thread I need advice on what components I need to get the voltage down? :salude
  6. timmy 2 tone

    Gaggle of Gibsons and friends

    I haven't posted in a while. Here is the latest line up 1962 Strat, 1968 ES-335, 1959 Melody Maker, 1968 Les Paul, 1969 Les Paul custom, 1954 Les Paul conversion, 1967 Byrdland and a 1966 Gretsch Tennessee
  7. timmy 2 tone

    sealfast machine head bushings

    I just got a set of these from our very own Eric Ernest, (thanks again) for my Byrdland and now need the bushings. I thought no problem, but WRONG! These are 5/16 inner diameter and your standard outer diameter. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, :salude
  8. timmy 2 tone

    1968 hang tags and more

    Here are some pics of hang tags and promo's from 1968, enjoy __________________
  9. timmy 2 tone

    Vintage guitar photo's plus a little more, :)

    Seeing is I can't get into the backstage area anymore??? I've been busy taking some photo's and would love to share them with everyone. Here are pics of my guitars, (2 of them vintage, 54 & 59) plus a couple of amps and my studio. Amps are; 74 super lead 78 super lead Metro 68 series plexi Metro...
  10. timmy 2 tone

    Happy Birthday Jimmy Page!!!!

    50 years of Jimmy Page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv_mNtI9P3o&feature=youtu.be
  11. timmy 2 tone

    74 Super Lead question, questions?????

    How are these amps and or cabinets? I played it and it sounds great!!! Just wondering what speakers are in these? Plus isn't this the first year for the print board? The cab is imaculate, the head has a scuff here and there but all in all looks good and has all it's parts.
  12. timmy 2 tone

    Jimmy Page double neck

    A friend of mine was wondering what strings are used on these or where he can get some? I tried the search button but came up empty handed. Thanks.
  13. timmy 2 tone

    1968 Original owner ES-335

    I just picked this up Monday, so it was a late Christmas gift to myself. This thing was owned by a little old black lady that bought it new back in 68. Well it was only played in Church it's whole life. Well needless to say, it's very clean. I've been to busy playing it and I'll get pics up...
  14. timmy 2 tone

    New old guitar day

    First off, I would like to say that Gary Dick at Gary's Classic guitars is the true meaning of how a guitar transaction is all about!!! Very nice guy to deal with. He was the most gracious host, cordial and well, all of the above. If you go to his site, he has amazing guitars for sale. But I'm...
  15. timmy 2 tone

    Finally done with the 68's hang tags

    I have all period correct hang tags for my 68 gold top.