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    Recommend Neck Position PU for coil tap.

    Howdy, Looking for a good neck position PU for a coil tap. Want to use it for rythym work. Thanks!
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    Warren Haynes Tone

    I just saw the Allman Bros at Red Rocks last night. WOW!!!! Anyways, I didn't see much foot play, I am guessing Warren is a cable to amp guy. Anyone know much else about his rig? I am day dreaming about that tone.......help me fill in the gaps. Thanks!!!!
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    Anyone paired up their lester with one yet? I have a liverty in route, but looking to see what others might be pluggin into?
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    Year? 728649

    It is a black custom with gold HW. Any ideas about the date? Thanks.
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    Year? 728649

    Its a black custom with gold hardware? Thanks for the expertise (sorry if this is in the wrong forum).
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    My Frist Historic

    She isn't the flashiest, however after playing a slew of R7-R9s over the last year, she spoke to me the like no other. She is a o4 Butterscotch R8 Custom Authentic (one piece top). I call her, Honey.
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    Protecting My Dream (Caring for my Axe)

    Howdy, New to the list as an owner. I will be getting my R8 CA soon from Wildwood Guitars in Colorado (dry climate), and was wondering if anyone could point out some general care guidelines for me. I just want to make sure I protect what needs to be protected so I can preserve that mythical...