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  1. talonmm

    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    Put it on reverb or ebay, or list it here at the price you feel (or believe) it's worth. And when you don't get any responses or offers, you will have your answer.
  2. talonmm

    Scroll Headstock Burst

    For those of us, a little new to the world of Bursts and Burst collecting, can those in the know, tell us a little about this collection and collector? I believe that's Perry Margouleff in the photo and the collector is Dirk Ziff? I'd love to know if Dirk is still collecting and acquiring...
  3. talonmm

    What a great gesture by a fellow guitarist

    I never thought I'd post a video of me performing on guitar at this forum since the level of musicianship on here is way beyond what I can do. But this happened over the weekend. I want to give a big thanks to Mike the Guitarist and the entire band and sound guys for the band 45 RPM. I'm a...
  4. talonmm

    Vintage Guitar Show This Weekend In Philly

    Anyone going to the vintage guitar show? I'll be there. Would really like to meet some members there, so I will be wearing a Les Paul forum tee shirt. Please be sure to say hello!
  5. talonmm

    Wait to you see this video - an invited guest played with the wedding band

    Anyone as a guest, ever get up and play with the wedding band? Tell your story (or if you were at a wedding and someone special got up there and played with the band). Here's the story of a guy who did that this weekend - I'll bet you'll enjoy it (I hear he owns a '60 burst too) I write...
  6. talonmm

    Another Audition From Hell

    A few months back I started a thread here with a local craiglist link. There was supposedly a blues band looking for the ultimate guitar player. I was not sure if it was a serious listing or someone trying to be funny. Here's another gem from Long Island Craigslist. If you care to...
  7. talonmm

    What kind of Les Paul is this?

    This guitar caught my eye when I picked up my local music paper. I assume this is a vintage piece that was customized? Dweezil looks to be playing a vintage gold top with p90s and a unique tail piece. The neck looks possibly newer than the rest of the guitar. Anyone know about this guitar...
  8. talonmm

    A Blues Guitar Audition From Hell

    No matter how good a blues player I was, you couldn't drag me to this audition, even if I desperately needed a band to play in. The first link was in my local craigslist section, but the 2nd link below is a very funny retort. Any thoughts or comments on these craigslist listings? My goodness...
  9. talonmm

    Has anyone played this burst and/or have opinions on it?

    It's far for me to travel to, was wondering if anyone had any insights they could share? https://reverb.com/item/3624556-gibson-les-paul-85438 Thanks!
  10. talonmm

    My First Gibson Flying V - are they all like this?

    I purchased a beautiful guitar on ebay and it arrived this week - a stunning, unused 2008 Gibson Flying V 50th Anniversary "guitar of the month". Sorry for the small picture. It sounds like a monster and feels terrific, but.... when I use a strap, the guitar winds up being a couple of...
  11. talonmm


    Speaking of this amazing Montage.... Charlie D. and Mike S. have helped me design a 2017 Les Paul Forum Calendar and they have come up with a special promotion for members to acquire one. Each Calendar has a unique serial number printed with it, in the format of Gibson's 1957 style and format...
  12. talonmm

    2017 LPF Calendars...free to all Donors until the end of the year!

    The real thanks doesn't go to me, it goes to Charlie Daughtry and Mike Slubowski to make this happen. I'd like to add that Charlie's photos are amazing and one of my favorite features of the calendar include the member Montage (spread over the front and back of the calendar to maximize each...
  13. talonmm

    Tribute Bands

    Went to the Paramount - a small to mid size venue on Long Island NY over the weekend and saw a Motley Crue and & Guns n Roses tribute bands. It got me thinking.... anyone here now or ever in a tribute band? If the individual members of the tribute band look like the members in the real band...
  14. talonmm

    Hanks Guitars - Pittsburgh

    This weekend I was in Pittsburgh to take my son to a couple of Pirates baseball games. Looking on the internet, before our trip was to start, I found a vintage Guitar store, "Hanks Vintage Guitars". They had a great-looking 1958 GT on their website, but they mentioned when I called, that the...
  15. talonmm

    Look what I'm Getting (SRV Guitar)

    Mills Custom Guitars made this SRV replica guitar for me (and customized it just the way I wanted) They have a video on youtube which shows them making a SRV guitar (not this one). The video is a lot of fun to watch! The guitar I am getting has a vintage fender-type neck and if it's...