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Recent content by spidey

  1. spidey

    which nickel ABR 1 will fit on the nashville studs?

    I use faber aged nickel abr1s on 2 USA standards. They fit, look great and have improved the tone.
  2. spidey

    What ToneBender model did Jeff Beck use on Truth/Beck-Ola ?

    As a side note, i tried a vintage Marshall Supa-Fuzz with a les-Paul through a cranked vintage Marshall 1987 (model) 50watter once. It sounded amazing...
  3. spidey

    Amps you sold but should have kept

    I regret selling a 1976 superlead to help fund the purchase of a JCM900. The biggest regret though was when I had two 4x12s in the early '90s and decided to let one go to help raise funds for a new guitar. I decided to keep the one with black fret cloth and sold the 'old one' with pinstripe fret...
  4. spidey

    Gary Moore reverb question

    Hi I love Gary’s reverb on this. I’m not normally into effects but can anybody help identify what he’s using? I like that ‘fluttery’ sound on some of the bent notes. Here’s the clip: https://youtu.be/_uDjre2cu5Y Thanks.
  5. spidey

    2014 R9 or 2020 R8????

    Hi everyone I’ve finally got enough cash to buy one of these. Though I’ve played USA standard Les-Pauls for years I have no experience of custom shop reissues. I’m travelling to both this weekend to try them before I make a choice. They’re virtually the same price. In your opinion is there a...
  6. spidey

    Throbak Kossoff pickups

    Hi Everyone I'm very interested in these pickups. Has anybody here tried them and if so what are their thoughts. Thanks.
  7. spidey

    Faber or Creamtone?

    I have a couple of USA Les-Pauls which play and sound great (fitted with wcr pups), however I want them to look more vintage. In addition to m69 ring replicas I'm also looking at nickel bridges and tail pieces. The Creamtone pictures look great but I hear great things about Faber. Those of you...
  8. spidey

    Current plexi players....

    For the last 4 years I've been using a Super Lead and LOVING it!!! For the last month I've been using a jtm45 and loving it. Most of the music I listen to is 60s and 70s classic rock - les Paul's and plexis. I'm always on the look out for new things to listen to. Is there anybody current out...
  9. spidey

    Jtm 45 RI

    The bass player in my band brought his jtm 45 to rehearsals last night for me to try. Oh my! I had the channels linked, lead channel full and normal channel at 12 o'clock. I had prescience at 11 o'clock and the others between 3 and 4 o'clock. It sounded awesome!!!!! Front pup with the tone...
  10. spidey

    JD Simo and ox4

    JD talks about conversions and demos one loaded with ox4 pups. Tone!!!!! http://youtu.be/Wu8Bkko-H7U Great job JD! Now I need to start saving my pennies.
  11. spidey

    Jack Pearson signature amp!!

    Made by Lindy Fralin. Details on his website. Watch this clip. Sounds awesome!!! Of course Jack playing helps! Anyone tried one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eGDENh0qFg#t=421
  12. spidey

    Hey, pickup experts!

    So, I've had WCR Crossroads in my main LP for years and tonally I love them. However, the one thing they don't do is this - when you hold a long note at high volume it doesn't trail off into cool harmonic singing feedback. The Crossroads aren't potted but Jim apparently does do something to...
  13. spidey

    Stray! Thor amps?????

    Take a listen to the great Suffy Walden of Stray Dog here! (Not Stray!) http://youtu.be/Rx0qI_zxm-o He was using Thor amps, which was Terry Marshall's company after he left Marshall amps. The tone here is killer. Does anyone know anything about Thor amps or have any direct experience?
  14. spidey

    Peter Green LP for sale at Music Ground

    http://denmarkstreetonline.co.uk Apologies if already posted guys. Just spotted this.
  15. spidey

    Gary Moore through a Marshall MG!

    Just stumbled across this. http://youtu.be/ujkKQTbVowA Gary had tone!