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Recent content by SpencerD

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    I Named My Les Pauls Today

    My old Les Paul Custom is called Got Away I murdered a motherfucker with that guitar in 1982 beat him to death Stayed in tune too -- like a Tele.
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    Bells and whistles here now naw --- not working for me. Enjoy playing guitars ! --- Fuck this format [ respectfully fuck this ]
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    The Witness 1979 RI.

    Right? Silverburst Norlin Custom. Yep. :dude::yah GET YOUR NORLIN ON --- ( or not ...maybe try? )
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    The Dirty Knobs - Fuck That Guy

    Debut album available November 20th 2020 ( this song was written by Mike Campbell and Chris Stapleton --- enjoy) :yah :peace2:dude: Wreckless Abandon is the name of the record.
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    1935 Epiphone Olympic.

    Some of you know right? [Where I'm going with this :peace2] Dave Rawlings I f you are not familiar with Gillian Welch .... maybe you should be..in my humble opinion ---- she is amazing Dave is also --- 1935 Epi Olympic since forever Holy fuck man! Guitar/ vocal Gillian Welch...
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    A Creedence Clearwater Reivival song.

    John,Shane,Tyler and Kelsy Fogerty. EDIT -- didn't spell Revival correctly -- my bad -- sorry mom
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    The Les Paul Modern.

    I've been researching and checking out this model for a few days.....that's unusual for me. :hee In EVERY SINGLE review /sales pitch/ checkmeout or whatever it was, nobody and I mean NOBODY mentioned the clear top hats! - Are you kidding me? --- Pretty cool This one is way out of my comfort...
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    Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train -

    Kim Simmonds is playing his good old trusty V. I see a rosewood fretboard Strat too.....uuhhh...yeah...Off Your Ass,Onto Your Feet! Outta The Shade,Into The Heat! --- :dude: Rock And Roll Music
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    The Barry Gibb mod.

    I'm wondering if anyone has 2 pickguards on a Les Paul like Barry does in this clip.A Deluxe model. :peace2
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    Black Crowes - At the Troubador

    Chris and Rich ain't fuckin' around man. Those guys are in their 50's .....:dude::yah The band sounds great too! Nice!!
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    Geddy Lee has a Burst for sale.

    Link to the auction. https://www.mecum.com/auctions/las-vegas-2019/collections/a-boutique-selection-from-the-geddy-lee-guitar-collection/
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    Neal Casal

    This performance is with Oteil And Friends,he also played with his band CATS ( Circles Around The Sun) 5 days ago. I was at Lockn and saw both bands - - Neal took his life Tuesday. Fuck.
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    Just throwing this out man. Motorhead.

    With Doro Pesch and Whitfield Crane -- October,2000 So good. Shut up! Eat Your Mother! :dude::yah
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    A Phil Rudd thread.

    I sent myself on a mission that has taken a while. And a little bit difficult also for a dude like me (us) guitar guys....:laugh2: -- edit and gals I have been listening and paying attention to the drums in the AC/DC band rather seriously ---- Phil Rudd may certainly possibly maybe be the best...