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  1. solsurfr

    PSA: I've got the COA for R8 82712

    Found an old COA in my closet for 82712. Happy to send it to the Owner of this beauty I once had.
  2. solsurfr

    Brazilian rosewood at wildwood?

    I like it to. It triggered an old memory of this color Midnight Manhattan back when I started getting into LP's. It's not close to the WW but the washed-out side triggered that long ago memory.
  3. solsurfr

    2016 Mike McCready '59 Burst Aged/Signed #3

    Been out of the game for awhile but jumped back in a big way and grabbed #3 from Wildwood (Thanks, Lance!). #9 had a really nice top as well but this one was closer to Mike's 'Burst in look, in my opinion. Dave's Guitar has #2 and it's a very cool top and color but again, didn't resemble as...
  4. solsurfr

    CC09A 003 - "Believer Burst"

    Realized I haven't shared pics of my CC09A. I'll take add'l pics when I have more time but here are a couple from Tylor at Dave's taken last year. Weight is around 8.3lbs. Top has peekabo qualities with a deep flame pattern with a tone of movement. Great feeling neck, super low action and fun...
  5. solsurfr

    Kinda NGD: 20th R9 Murphy

    Great feeling guitar. Burst is outstanding. Feels lighter than 8lbs 9ozs. Really digging this one: :hank Dealer photo: iPhone pics:
  6. solsurfr

    NGD: Introducing "Mary Jane" or 93420

    I'm super stoked on this acquisition. Introducing 9 3420 aka "Mary Jane". With all this CC craze, talk over spec changes, I'm going throwback to the early years. Still love the older ones. Thanks to Rick Hogue over at Garrett Park Guitars. Here's a quick iPhone pic:
  7. solsurfr

    You guys see NAMM announcement for Hiwatt Little "J" "P" and "D"?

    You guys see NAMM announcement for Hiwatt Little "J" "P" and "D"? This is very enticing for a small home studio/small gig rig.... thoughts? http://www.hiwatt.com/index.php/products/little-rigs
  8. solsurfr

    2009 R9 Dave Johnson Makeover

    It's a nice sunny day here in on the Eastern Shore so I thought to take advantage and snap some pics. 2009 R9 DJ Makeover with the full package. Brazilian, aged plastic, top carve, hide glue, etc... it's all there and I can't put 'er down!
  9. solsurfr

    FS: 2002 Martin OM-28 John Mayer 403 of 404 Limited Edition

    Up for sale is a 2002 Martin OM-28 John Mayer. This is the guitar that started the craze for the OM-JM that is currently in production. In this initial run, only 404 were made. Rumor has it that John may have the first couple and #404. The one listed here is #403 which I bought from the...
  10. solsurfr

    FS: 2003 Gibson Custom Historic '59 Reissue Verified Brazilian SN93069

    2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard with certified Brazilian rosewood fingerboard in faded cherryburst - Serial No. 9 3069. It's in great, very clean condition with just a few very small blemishes on the back that I could not capture the photos. Weight is around 8.9lbs according to my...
  11. solsurfr

    Wheel Caster Help

    Fellas-- I have a 2010 Dr. Z Maz 18NR 1x12 and it's deceptively heavy for a 1x12. I found a set of these casters in box in my house and am looking for some help with installing them. Do these need a female bracket or can I simply open the holes where the rubber feet are and just plug them in...
  12. solsurfr

    Introducing CC#16 RedEye SN007

    8.2lbs, a ton of vintage honk, very resonate unplugged, great feeling neck, peekabo flame top. Feels very light in my hands. Will do the bobbin topper thing (thanks for the idea, MikeSlub!) :)
  13. solsurfr

    Price check on '64 ES 335

    Forum brothers... have been researching prices on a '64 ES 335. Found this thread from LPF regarding a '63 ES 335 --> http://bit.ly/19r0yoA Curious if, a year or so later, these prices are still in play. Thread suggests prices anywhere from $12-$20K depending on condition, originality...
  14. solsurfr

    Getting your Historic (or any new gear) by The Boss - share your story!

    I thought it would be amusing to read stories on how we justify or sneak our new Historics into the house without penalty or with penalty? We all have stories to tell...share how you've been elusive or have been busted!