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    Do we like 1974 Les Paul Customs?

    Question: Have a stock, unmolested 74 Custom. Sounds good but in comparison to my other Les Pauls, it gets pretty muddy when you turn the pickup volumes down. Considering moving the tone cap to 50s wiring and if that doesn't help, changing the pots to 500K (the originals read around 350K)...
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    Old Customs - 3-piece vs. 1-piece neck

    Looking at a couple of '69 Customs. Both have 1-piece bodies, but one has a 1-piece neck and the other a 3-piece neck. Unfortunately, can't play either, but was wondering how significant having the 1-piece neck is tone-wise and value-wise (the 1-piece costs a bit more). Also, one of the...
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    Lyre Vibrato Arm Screw, Washer(s) and Nut?

    Does anybody know what the correct screw size and washer(s)/ nut configuration is for attaching the vibrato arm on a lyre tailpiece for a '69 SG? Believe the screw is 10/32, round-head, philips, but is it 3/4" or 1". Is there a nylon washer between the screw head and the arm or after? Is there...
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    Plastic Rings under Tailpiece Bushings on '74 Custom

    My stock '74 Custom has what looks like black plastic rings that the tailpiece bushings sit on. With all this talk about how much the tailpiece adds to sustain/tone, having plastic between the body and the tailpiece can't be good. Has anyone removed these and noticed a difference? Also, is it...
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    '50s wiring question

    Just purchased a '73 Goldtop Deluxe routed for humbuckers. The pots appear to be wired '50s style, which I'm not familiar with. When the pickup selector switch is in the middle position and the volumes are at about the same level, they seem to cancel each other out resulting in a thin...
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    Mahogany R7 Custom - Info/Opinions Please

    Hello, just saw/played a mahogany (at least that's what I think it is) Custom in a store. Since they could tell me almost nothing about it, hoping to confirm my research and get your opinions. Serial# is 7 1373 (makes it a 2001 R7, correct?). Top is same dark wood grain finish as the back and...