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  1. Shelkonnery

    what do you think of weight-relieved Les Pauls

    Let's not forget PRS daily production is a fraction of Gibson's. They will always have superior QC. It seems Gibson has been trying to catch up with a never ending demand the past couple of years. It's funny, many people claim how much quality has improved under this new/current management...
  2. Shelkonnery

    2 USA or 1 reissue?

    I this is your first Gibson, I'd get the two Standards - Les Paul and SG. You'll certainly get more flavors and a richer experience. Then once you know your favorite specs, get a Reissue you actually like and not just for the sake of it. My two cents.
  3. Shelkonnery

    does the gold in a goldtop stifle the tone ???

    That's nonsense. We all know Silverburst is the finish that affects tone the most.
  4. Shelkonnery

    what do you think of weight-relieved Les Pauls

    I seriously doubt anyone can actually tell full solid body from 9-hole weight relief in a blind test. Modern weight relief and chambered ones are a different story though.
  5. Shelkonnery

    the legendary " fingernail in the neck" test for Historics ......

    If hard neck is a must for you, you can always get a Norlin.
  6. Shelkonnery

    A stupid question

    I'll tell you this. You'll find a great deal of information and knowledgeable members in both sites. Neither of them is exactly easy on newcomers. Many are members of both, but the other site sees a lot more traffic and is more welcoming of humor. With time you'll sort out which topics are...
  7. Shelkonnery

    I don't understand why people dislike Norlin era Gibson products so much...

    “Just as rare and expensive as today” might be an overstatement. I don’t recall original Bursts at $40k range during the 70s, but I could be wrong (used an inflation calculator for $200k today). All of these guitarists I mentioned became successful enough that they could afford original Bursts...
  8. Shelkonnery

    How Can Wood Effect Tone?

    Everything affects tone, wood being a major one. I understand your premise of pickups and amp being what influences tone the most. But pickups are like microphones, they will only reproduce what the guitar feeds them. Same thing with amps. A high end amp would greatly amplify a subpar guitar...
  9. Shelkonnery

    I don't understand why people dislike Norlin era Gibson products so much...

    I personally consider the Les Paul sound a lot broader than just golden era Bursts. Norlins seem to have worked just great for Randy Rhoads, Joe Walsh, Neal Schon, Jimmy Page, Adam Jones, just to name a few. You don't often see good guitarists bashing that era so publicly. It seems to be an...
  10. Shelkonnery

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hey, Mat! Could you talk about the production of regular Les Paul Customs before the Custom Shop moved out in 2006? Like if there was any special attention to LPCs when they were made in the USA line, besides their unique features and materials. Were they handled by a more experienced crew or...
  11. Shelkonnery

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Hey, Mat! 
It’s so nice to get an insiders perspective. Really appreciate it! 
Talk about mysteries…here's a silly one. 
Can you comment on the particular praise late 80s/early 90s Gibsons get in general?

 Sellers are so quick to use terms indicating a special era of wood (not gonna say it...
  12. Shelkonnery

    Historic Makeovers NGD

    That's a stunner, congrats!
  13. Shelkonnery

    59 reissue vs. standard 60’s

    I think you kind of answered your own question in a way. If you don't know or appreciante what makes Reissues that much more expensive and different than regular Standards, maybe it's not time to invest in a Reissue just yet.
  14. Shelkonnery

    Emotional buy?

    Aren't all guitar buys emotinal? :cool: (Unless of course you are a touring/session musician that literally needs tools for labor). Try both and see which ones speaks to you the most. You'll know it when you grab it! You can also flip a coin. You'll instinctively hope for one side to land face...