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    DJ Makeover from MGL

    Now that I have had the guitar for a few days I thought I would post some additional pictures and details on my Dave Johnson makeover that I bought from Mark's Guitar Loft. I've owned and sold several historics over the past few years but this is my first DJ makeover. From the moment I saw it...
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    DJ Makeover from MGL

    Double post -- please remove this one. Thanks.
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    Greg Koch Demo of Duane Cherry Burst Reissue

    For those interested in hearing another example of a 2013 Duane reissue: http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/products/da59032.php?CategoryID=338&n=0#
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    New offering from Gibson . . . "57 Les Paul Worn Goldtop with Mini-Humbuckers"
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    Pelham Blue Historic 335

    Been looking at historic 335s for a while but this is the first Pelham I have seen in a while. I've only seen one like this before and it was a lefty. This and the ebony '63 historic on Mark Bishop's site are giving me major GAS for an historic 335.
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    Pelham Blue

    Does anyone know when Gibson started using Pelham Blue as a finish? Mid or late '60s?
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    I've Heard of Hidden Flame but Hidden Bursts?

    Anyone ever seen one of these before? http://www.themusiczoo.com/product/8577/Gibson-Custom-Shop-Limited-60-Les-Paul-VOS/
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    Wireless ABR for Historic

    Anyone compare the Pigtail to the Retrospec wireless ABR? Looking to replace the ABR on my 2008 Murphy and am looking for suggestions. Thanks.
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    Pearly Street Price?

    Can someone tell me (ballpark) what the street price was for a new Billy Gibbons signature LP?
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    Is Tom still aging production R9s these days or just the signature guitars? Seems like it has been a while since I have seen any new ones other than the Bloomfields, JPs or Pearlies.
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    Gibson Legend Series Acoustics

    Anyone play the Legend J45 or L00? I am looking for a new acoustic and would be curious of how these are. Thanks.
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    Maple Hummingbird?

    Anyone ever seen or play a Hummingbird with maple sides and back? If so, I am curious what your impressions of it were. Thanks.
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    Don't Mess with Texas

    Video of Texas officer using taser on 72-year-old woman during traffic stop: http://www.myfoxchicago.com/dpp/news/national/dpgo_Video_Elderly_Texas_Woman_Tasered_SAB_06092009_2555591
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    Incoming 2009 R9 from MGL

    I have been searching for a realistic and old looking R9 and was lucky to buy this one from Mark Bishop, who took these great pics. I love the non-bookmatched top.
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    Ruby Burst 50th Anniversary R9s

    I was just surfing some Gibson dealers' websites and it looks like Sweetwater commissioned a limited run of 50th Anniversary R9s in what is being called "Ruby Burst." There are pictures on the site (I have no affiliation with the seller).