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Recent content by seafood

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    NGD / 1955 LP Junior

    outstanding!!!!!....that's my kind of guitar.......i'll take an old guitar that's been played,every time!!!!thanks for the great pics too......cheers!!!!!!!
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    USA....USA 🇺🇸

    i wish i was in Chicago!!!!!!:)
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    Happy Hump Day! Wow! 👌

    3 outta 6 ain't bad!!!!!!!:LOL:
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    Amp Attenuation - UA Ox - Freyette PS 100 or Boss Tube Amp Expander

    these are the kinds of posts...that i love about this forum,,,,,the exchange of information...that helps everyone....thank you and cheers!!!!!!
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    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    parts and whiskey!!!!!!! they both sound great!!!!!!!!!
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    1966 Guild Duane Eddy DE-500

    beautiful guitar......i'm from that era too!!!!!!
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    NGD 1960 Epiphone coronet rare transition model

    wow!!!! what a great guitar!!!!! the coolest.congrats!!!!!! a great find.
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    Custom Shop '61 SG Les Paul in TV Yellow! My new favorite guitar!

    my kind of Gibson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool....and your photos too!!!!!!! cheers!!!!
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    The Collection: Rick Nielsen

    i miss the old days too.
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    The Collection: Rick Nielsen

    that super beat up explorer with all the holes in it!!!!!! wow!!!!!! that is the coolest !!!!!!!!!!
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    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Three Wise Bursts - Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ding in top