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    Gold 2015 Case Question

    Does anybody know if Gibson made just one of those special run rectangular gold cases for all the Les Paul models, or was there a slightly different model made for the Les Paul juniors and Specials?
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    Case for Les Paul CM

    I picked up a CM as a fun “extra guitar” to do some mods on. Unlike my other Les Pauls, it doesn’t have a case. It came with a very snug gig bag. I’m looking for a proper case for it, but I’m not sure what to get. The CM is thinner than a normal Les Paul. But it’s not like a Junior or...
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    Wiring help please

    I'm trying to wire up a pair of Gibby pickups in the proper Les Paul scheme, but a search of the web yields almost a half dozen different versions of what the REAL Gibson wiring scheme is? Does anyone have a link to the proper stock Les Paul wiring diagram?
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    Are my 498T and 490R Real???

    I have a '94 Heritage Cherry Sunburst Standard. Last year, I replaced the stock pickups with a set of 4-conductor SD '59s to do the Jimmy Page wiring mod. FWIW, it turned out great! I've been storing the original pickups for a while, but I took a look at them last week. They don't look the...
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    What exactly is it?
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    Jimmy Page Mod Complete

    I can finally say that my '94 Std. has the JP wiring mod (with a set of nickel SD '59s). It took a while to get done (mostly due to using the wrong diagram). Thanks to Gibson Customer Service and a the help of a few people on this board (Robert Sherman, Deaf Eddie et al), it's now done. It...
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    Robert Sherman et al re JP MOD

    I just spoke the the tech. at Guitar Trader in San Diego. He's had my LP for the past two weeks to "fix" the Jimmy Page wiring mod that the other shop did. He says to come get it, but he had "a lot of problems with the wiring". Oh no, not again! This time around I had provided him with the...
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    Jimmy Page Wiring Mod

    I finally got my Standard modded to the Jimmy Page model schematic with SD '59 pickups. First off, I was worried that the '59s wouldn't split well. I've heard/read that traditional output PAF-style pickups do not split well. It looks like I worried for nothing. The '59s split just fine. I...
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    Jimmy Page Les Paul

    Due to recent hum and noise issues, I've decided to go ahead and shield and rewire my '94 Standard. While I'm at it, why not rewire it like the Gibson Jimmy Page model (albeit without the ceramic magnet pickups)? Does anyone know a good source for the long shaft 500k push-pull pots that...
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    Series/Parallel P-90 Wiring Question

    I am trying to come up with a way of wiring two P-90s with a series-parallel switching option AND individual volume and tone pots for each pickup. I have already installed the Fender 4-way switch into aTele with good results. It's a simple mod because of the master volume and tone (at least I...
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    P-90 Wiring Question

    I know the proper POT and CAP values that Gibson uses for HB-equipped LPs. I also know the values for non-Gibson single-coil guitars. How does Gibson wire a LP Special (two P-90)? Do they use four 500k pots like on Standards, or do they use 250K (like on a typical $trat or T@le)? Also, what...