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    John McLaughlin's Les Pauls

    He played a lot of guitars but I associate him with the black '58 LP Custom because that's what I saw him play in the Tony Williams Lifetime, first at Ungano's in 1969 and the next year in London. That band ripped like no other I'd ever seen. When he left Tony and started Mahavishnu he switched...
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    Joe B on “To Tell The Truth” TV show..

    It must be part of a venerable blues tradition, handed down from father to son you might say. Which is to say Paul Butterfield guested on "To Tell the Truth" oh about sixty years ago.
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    Paul Kossoff's "Darkburst" folder

    Certainly he had some unknowable depths. That much comes out in his music. I saw him a few times in his Free days, but would have liked to have seen his later Back Street Crawler band. Somewhere I have like an hour of outtakes of Kossoff noodling around with them and it was an hour of savage...
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    NGD 2020 R8

    That color looks terrific. I don't think you'd hear a chorus of complaints if you decided to, you know, post another picture or two.
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    NGD - 2018 R9

    That's just gorgeous. And a nice bit of weathered patina. But you kept that thing in the attic???? Hope you have temperate weather where you live.
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    Finally! My First R9!

    It is maximum perfect. But your month-long search has me curious about the R9s you passed by.
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    Henry Vestine's (of Canned Heat fame) conversion

    I saw Canned Heat a bunch of times in Henry's era but I don't remember the guitar. My suspicious memory recalls a Firebird. I sure remember Al Wilson's goldtop LP and when I talked to him backstage he was just the sweetest guy. What I recall from Vestine's performance was his thick fuzztone...
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    Who sold more Les Pauls?

    Gibson didn't even make the Les Paul between 1961-76, so there were a lot of peak R&R years without you being able to buy one. In the late 60s-early '70s, the SG was really popular among bands. You saw them everywhere. Lots of 335s around, too. I think Clapton's use of the LP was known only by...
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    Carl Perkins & goldtop in the '50s

    I had seen many pics of Carl Perkins and his gold top but never got a glimpse of it in action before. Here he is on Tex Ritter's Ranch Party show, about 50 seconds in. I've really been into Perkins lately. If you've got 45 minutes to spare (and for this, you should find 45 minutes), don't...
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    The Coasters 1957

    I always liked the Coasters. Saw them in a small club once -- totally entertaining. And I like 'em better .... With a gold top
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    Some Goldtop action with Hubert Sumlin

    Hubert teaches the riff. Hubert Sumlin teaching how it's done And for a real nice version of Howlin Wolf doing it, try this: Howling Wolf Smokestack Lightning
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    Mrs. Obama gives a Gibson

    How do you like that? The French first lady gets a Hummingbird. http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/News/Michelle-Obama-French-406/
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    Les Paul at the White House

    I just saw an item on the news tonight about Les Paul being honored at the White House in a ceremony today. First look: http://www.contactmusic.com/photos.nsf/main/les_paul_5055085
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    Henry K interview: Saving the Les Paul

    Story here from the Guardian, a UK paper. It's more about lifestyle thoughts. But I hadn't realized he'd worked earlier at General Motors. http://business.guardian.co.uk/story/0,,2140495,00.html
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    "Ol' Black" in full howl: Neil Young "Going Home"

    I have to play this clip at least once a week. And I crank the volume when I do. Maybe there's a better example of Neil Young ripping it up on Ol' Black, but I don't know it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzJzDh9nOTg