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  1. peeninety

    Need serial number help

    Thanks, all!
  2. peeninety

    Need serial number help

    Rear Pot codes are 137731 and 1-007
  3. peeninety

    Need serial number help

    Serial number is 100757
  4. peeninety

    Need serial number help

    I've what I believe to be a 70's LP Deluxe with mini hums. Serial Number is only 6 digits and I can't figure out exactly what I have. Thanks!
  5. peeninety

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    Hey Big Al; I'm thinking of you this evening. Love you buddy.
  6. peeninety

    P90 sound

    I think you might want to play a few guitars to refine your taste. I've played quite a few and, obviously, am a P90 fan, though not exclusively. My main squeeze is an R4, and I've got a couple of vintage LP Jrs, too. I also have a couple of 335s with Tom Holmes humbuckers and--don't...
  7. peeninety

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    I hear you. Keep on keeping on, brother; we all love you.
  8. peeninety

    Pricing help! 1985 Custom

    As usual, Big Al's right. If you're a player and the thing's not buggered up, within your budget, and speaks to you, buy it, irrespective of appointments and whatever history it may have. I made a living for four years in the early 70's with a mini-hum Sunburst Deluxe that 'spoke' to me and...
  9. peeninety

    Antiquity's or Holmes?

    My Number One is an R4 with my preferred P90s, but I've got an R8 with Antiquities and a '61 335 with Tom Homes that I also dearly love.
  10. peeninety

    Amp EQ all rolled off

    Right on, brother.
  11. peeninety

    Amp EQ all rolled off

    I don't doubt anything you say, Big Al. As you noted, though, I've found a way to my sweet spot. One thing I'll add: I discovered, on another forum, that using a particular 12AX7 type in V1 makes a huge difference. The same is true if I use that tube type in V2 on my JMP Mark II head...
  12. peeninety

    Amp EQ all rolled off

    Dang, I kinda do the opposite--Volume between 10 and 12 and Master between 2 and 4, depending on the space I'm in. It sounds killer outdoors, too; just crank up the Master a bit. I love these little amps, though. Beats the shite out of lugging a head and a cab around . . . . .
  13. peeninety

    What amp and pedals should I get?

    Big Al's right about the Fender Blues Jr. I've got a pile of amps and cabs that haven't left the house for over a decade. All I need now is a BJ. The only further advice I can offer is to find a 12AX 7 made in pre-war Yugoslavia by a company called EI and stick it in V1. You'll be amazed.
  14. peeninety

    Les Paul Junior Special Pickups--P90s or P100s?

    I bought one in 2001 and it has P100s, but I see many for sale that imply, or even state, they're equipped with P90s. Did Gibson issue the guitar with both?
  15. peeninety

    WTB: Bedrock 1200-series head

    As title implies, I'm looking for a Bedrock 1200-series tube head in good working condition. Prefer one with reverb (five 12AX7s), but any 1200-series head in good condition would be considered. Hand wired or printed circuit board OK. Thanks.