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  1. oceantoad

    Paul McCartney's Touring '60

    software screenshot
  2. oceantoad

    Should I purchase a Guild 12 string acoustic guitar?

    Is it ok to sell Guild here?
  3. oceantoad

    Paul McCartney's Touring '60

    Iconic! Check out 3,2,1 on Hulu...6 episodes, 3 hours. His 60 Lester does get mentioned, EPIC !! https://www.hulu.com/series/e168480d-849e-4f2d-aaf2-a5276723d68d?play=false&utm_source=shared_link
  4. oceantoad

    Which LesPaul Is Joe B Selling Here?

    He needs the money , ha
  5. oceantoad

    Paul McCartney's Touring '60

    Will he tour again at 79 years old? I'd say yes.
  6. oceantoad

    Voodoo Pickups

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this thread if not please move. I havn't seen VooDoo pickups mentioned here very much and I wanted to hear other peoples experiences and comments. y
  7. oceantoad

    Les' speakers from Julien's

    Deleted Please remove this ..
  8. oceantoad

    Just popped up on Ebay

    Les Paul Speakers from Julien's Auction In Beverly Hills 2012 From private estate.. http://ebay.us/EgArif?cmpnId=5338273189
  9. oceantoad

    Serial number quest...

    Actually my question is for dating this EB-3 , told it's a 64? Thanks in advance! Solder untouched pots hold clues?
  10. oceantoad

    1961 Hummingbird ?

    I'm curious. What does this mean (R8300 17) a stamp inside of a 53 year old guitar? Thanks !
  11. oceantoad

    Lennon Army Jackets

    I am pleased to offer Original, "Vintage" Army jackets like John Lennon wore at "Live in New York City” concert filmed on August 30, 1972 at Madison Square Garden. Full story of Sergeant Peter James Reinhardt HERE If you are in a tribute band and or just want to "represent" , these are very...
  12. oceantoad

    Please welcome Les Paul Forum newest member ..

    May I introduce to you LPF's newest member "GetBack". Getting back for real with the manl!! :salude Playing (now owning) Brian Ray's signature Custom Shop SG, custom color "Silver Fox" is back!! Click for the GetBack jam with Sir P >> VIDEO HERE
  13. oceantoad

    Quick question

    Need a hand dating a Gold Top it's serial number is#68383. Thanks in advance.:salude
  14. oceantoad

    Pete Townsend new Signature Les Paul

    You saw it here first. Photo by Brian Germany Prototype, more was added *Duck*