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Mr. Papa

July 16
Central Maine
Current Gear
Gibson Les Paul Custom, 1973
Heritage H-150, 2020
Rickenbacker 330-12, 2009
SOMA Tele Custom - made by Joel Amsden, Kennebec Instrument and Amplifier
SOMA Les Paul Special - Fralin P-90s - made by Joel Amsden, Kennebec Instrument and Amplifier
SOMA Custom British amplifier, 2x12 with M75 Scumback speakers - made by Joel Amsden, Kennebec Instrument and Amplifier
SOMA Custom Blackface style amplifier with reverb, 1x12 combo with EV speaker - made by Joel Amsden, Kennebec Instrument and Amplifier
Home-made Dr. Z Z-28 clone, 1x12 combo with G12M
Martin M-36
Previous Gear
Brondel Honeycaster single cut
Gibson Les Paul '58 Reissue
Gibson ES-339
Gibson SG, 1996 (the one that got away...)
Gibson Pete Townsend SG
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Gretsch 5420T
Gibson Tikibird
Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion
Heritage H-535
Heritage Kenny Burrell
Heritage H-137
Heritage H-157
PRS Tremonti SE
Rickenbacker 360-6
Steinberger TransTrem
Too many strats and teles to count

Chicago Blues Box Buddy Guy Bassman
Dr. Z Carmen Ghia
Fender DRRI
Matchless Clubman clone
Top Hat Emplexador
Traynor YBA-1
Rivera Chubster
Vox AC15
Vox AC-30
Too many blackface and silverface amps to count
Home-made Tweed Deluxe clone
Too many Peavey amps to count
Marshall 1936 with British V30s
Marshall 1960 with British G12T-75

Martin HD-28
Martin D-28
Martin 00-18
Taylor 410CE
Musical Influences
U2 and Muddy Waters
Robert Johnson and Television
Tom Waits and Kenny Burell
Odetta and Cyndi Lauper
Prince and Dave Van Ronk


"In all candor, I'm 'stunned' by the rather extensive list of modifications that folks are typically making to these already expensive guitars. In fact, I'll go ahead and say it . . . it seems absolutely crazy" - excerpted from the post of a Les Paul reissue owner and new member to the LPF

Hitler reacts to the Gibson 2015 price increase and min-Etune:


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