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  1. Mattyboy75

    If you could only have one amp one guitar and no pedals. What is it?

    It’s refreshing to see that even though it’s a Les Paul forum, a fair few are going Fender or other.
  2. Mattyboy75

    If you could only have one amp one guitar and no pedals. What is it?

    It’s a toughie but I’m going for my 2013 American deluxe strat as it has the S1 switching so it’s hugely versatile (gonna miss the lester though) through my newly built Princeton 5W (non reverb) amp. It does clean and it does crunch. Might need a cheeky microphone thrown in if I have to gig it...
  3. Mattyboy75

    Black plastic and binding on a 2018 Historic 58...did they have this on any original 1958 Les Pauls?

    It’s different. Will certainly divide opinion. My advice, take the sticker off the pickguard asap. It’ll sun fade otherwise. I speak from experience.
  4. Mattyboy75

    If you happen to be in Chatham MA today

    Google maps says I’m 3260 miles away otherwise I would have dropped by.
  5. Mattyboy75

    Flametop Friday!!!

    Just a 2004 standard.
  6. Mattyboy75

    Flametop Friday!!!

    Can’t seem to get the photo to load!
  7. Mattyboy75

    Flametop Friday!!!

    Can I post one on a Saturday or will I get roasted by the administrators
  8. Mattyboy75

    Listing modern day guitar heroes

    Joanne shaw Taylor. Christone kingfish Ingram.
  9. Mattyboy75

    I want to become a guitar repair tech. Where do I start?

    It’s a bit of a vague question. You don’t mention how much you already know or do you mean you are already doing repairs and want to know how to turn it into a career? if the former then understanding wiring, schematics, components and what resistor values will do the tone etc. how to perform...
  10. Mattyboy75

    The Big Al Good Mojo thread

    I know I dont know you Al, but I love your insipid, beat around the bush, never really speaking your mind style 😉. Always love a thread you are involved in.
  11. Mattyboy75

    Joe Perry's fuzz on Sweet Emotions

    I read that as well but for Walk this Way. OP asked about sweet emotion. That I can’t help with!
  12. Mattyboy75

    5F1 Amp Kit

    Thank you so much for the advice. Swapped the wires and it works a treat. Can’t thank you enough.
  13. Mattyboy75

    5F1 Amp Kit

    I am a heating engineer and also see lots of bad advice online. I also suspect that amateur amp builders annoy the real McCoy! To be fair I’m quite good with the soldering iron and reading wiring diagrams as I recwire heating systems all the time but I’ll concede that when it comes to electrical...
  14. Mattyboy75

    5F1 Amp Kit

    Thanks again. I never doubted you knew what you were talking about but I would have been taking the word of someone I’ve never met before on what may have been a serious issue. I really do appreciate the help and I’m rather jealous of your job as I have enjoyed building my first one.