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  1. marshall1987

    Looking for estimated value of a 2009 59 Historic ES335

    Go to this Web page and put it up for sale: https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?forums/guitars-for-sale-trade.45/
  2. marshall1987

    What percentage of bursts are recorded?

    Roughly............ pi-R-squared?
  3. marshall1987

    The Collection: Rick Nielsen

    This has to be one of the best "Collection" series I've seen so far. Good job Rick and Mark! Those '58 Explorers just knock me out!
  4. marshall1987

    Collings v Gibson enquiry, can you shed some light ?

    I have both makes....vintage Gibson..... and modern Collings. 1. Two Gibson vintage ES-335s (1965 TDC nickel-wide nut; & 1967 TDC narrow nut). 2. One 2017 Collings I-35 LC natural Impressions: (1) I prefer the larger body (16") of the Gibson ES-335 over the Collings I-35-LC slightly...
  5. marshall1987

    Hey Burst experts, how accurate is Historic Makeovers?

    This wouldn't be a veiled reference to the Dave Johnson exit saga? :unsure:
  6. marshall1987

    Four Uncles ABR-1 bridge just in and...

    Hmmm.....interesting guitar. 😁 Right-handed Les Paul model .....strung upside-down?? How's intonation?
  7. marshall1987

    Led Zeppelin Concert Photos: Perth 1972, Chicago & Milwaukee 1973

    So refreshing to note the conspicuous "absence" of multiple "stomp-boxes", and/or Bradshaw switching unit on the right side of the stage (Page's side)! And NO floor monitors out front! In the U.S 1973 shows....note the Marshall 4X12" extension cab on the left side....adjacent to JP Jone's...
  8. marshall1987

    Led Zeppelin Concert Photos: Perth 1972, Chicago & Milwaukee 1973

    Seems like every year Bonzo would have a new drum kit. Ludwig Drums, Inc. must have been thrilled to have their logo advertised all over the world stages. So many other top drummers also played Ludwig drums at the time. Anyone know the background on Ludwig's decision to offer Lucite drum...
  9. marshall1987

    I don't understand why people dislike Norlin era Gibson products so much...

    Having owned several Norlin-era Les Pauls from 1970 to 1983 plus one 1983 ES 335, my recollection is that the instruments were consistently ....inconsistent. A few were very good overall, however several exhibited significant quality control defects stemming from poor workmanship.
  10. marshall1987

    Vintage Guitar Collection....1958 Flying V, Jim Peterik of Survivor, Ides of March....

    Vintage Guitar Collection....Gibson 1958 Flying V, many others, Jim Peterik of Survivor, Ides of March.... ....Jim Peterik his original 1958 Flying V....very cool guitar collection! <iframe width="1264" height="579" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer...
  11. marshall1987

    *** The 56 LP From Ebay Retread ***

    I'm sure this guitar will turn out great. And I must say the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail is absolutely stunning!
  12. marshall1987

    Great article on the Beano Burst!

    For those using Apple's Safari web browser, you can eliminate the annoying advertising appearing in this article (and many others) by selecting: "Use Reader when available" in the Safari main menu item "Settings for this Website...".
  13. marshall1987

    Murphy Lab Les Paul 60s review - bright, custom buckers

    I have similar views regarding the recent Gibson Custom-buckers with AlNiCo III magnets. To my ears it seems as though something is "lacking" with the frequency range/response; i.e., the middle range was not as full and rich as I would like. If I'm not mistaken, AlNiCo III magnets do NOT...
  14. marshall1987

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    In the past....I've had prompt, courteous service when I call the toll-free customer support phone number at Gibson. Always satisfied with their responses. Why use email at all? It's 2021. Many of us have learned the hard way that email is extremely susceptible to unwanted & outside...
  15. marshall1987

    Hey it's Mat from Gibson Product Development - AMA

    Well now I'm a little puzzled, because I had heard that during the previous decade (around 2014) Gibson Custom switched from using bronze powder in the lacquer to gold Mica powder....which isn't at all like the bronze powder, as there is no copper in the Mica ( a mineral) which may oxidize and...