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  1. marshall1987

    52/59 LP Conversion

    Yeah....something ain't right with the baseplates and the pole screws. And the PAF sticker is not very convincing.
  2. marshall1987

    Other people playing your guitars...

    Borrow my Fender Strats and Teles....no problem. It's tough for a gorilla to break a Fender. But quite a different story with Gibsons - Les Pauls, ES-335s, SGs, etc., so nope I don't think so. Too easy to break Gibson necks.
  3. marshall1987

    Dem big belly 1952`s

    Yeah...those bridges are a decent improvement over the stock vintage trap-tail....... but fall a little short of a perfect solution.
  4. marshall1987

    52/59 LP Conversion

    Please define "the market". Thanks.
  5. marshall1987

    52/59 LP Conversion

    The main factor that establishes and secures the value of a vintage '50s Les Paul is the originality. It's pretty simple....the more a given example (say a '52 LP Goldtop) deviates from it's original factory condition, the less it's worth. Removing/replacing significant amounts of original...
  6. marshall1987

    1958 Junior P-90

    My 1958 Les Paul Junior had this issue - strings extremely close to the P-90 pole pieces, nearly touching. I contacted Jason Lollar and told him of my problem. He asked me to take detailed measurements of the P-90 pickup route on my Junior in order to design a replacement that would provide...
  7. marshall1987

    Would this be a mid-69 Goldtop?

    So did you buy the guitar after seeing it in person....and noting the minor neck crack/repair? From what I can tell from your photos, it's a very nice '69 goldtop. If I were in the market for a similar guitar from a U.S. seller - I'd offer of perhaps....$10,000 U.S. with free shipping and...
  8. marshall1987

    Hidden treasure! Tale of the ‘72/‘58/‘53’ Les Paul Goldtop, Burst conversion..

    Great score! Looking forward to following the guitar's revival. I's somewhat puzzling - as to exactly what Gibson did to the guitar when it was returned for repairs in the early '70s. In addition to the changed headstock logo, it appears Gibson replaced the original BRW fingerboard with a...
  9. marshall1987

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    Buddy if you're looking for a salve to sooth your wounds....you've come to the wrong place..........:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  10. marshall1987

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    A wise man once said....." a fool and his money soon part company".
  11. marshall1987

    The ULTIMATE upgrade.

    This is so true..... Many of the touring pros playing arenas invest in expensive Bradshaw switching units and rack gear. For these touring pros it's folly to think a little tone cap or volume pot is going to have any meaningful affect on the guitar sound. The trend lately is for no big...
  12. marshall1987

    Amazing headstock repair!

    Is that a reissue Korina Flying V In the back corner in your first photo? Or genuine vintage model?
  13. marshall1987

    Allan Lanier of Blue Oyster Cult playing a Gibson Les Paul

    Vintage Les Paul Special........
  14. marshall1987

    Scrutinizing Bonamassa's 58 Flying Vs (Trash Bag & Amos content)

    Pickups sound different? So what is the difference between a '58 vintage PAF and an early-'60s, nickel-cover Pat. # humbucking pickup? :oops: The shorter 2.25" AlNiCo 5 magnet is the only spec I can think of....oh and the pat no sticker. The PE, 42 AWG magnet wire is the same, the nickel...
  15. marshall1987

    Scrutinizing Bonamassa's 58 Flying Vs (Trash Bag & Amos content)

    Joe and Norm might consider this verification test ...........and maybe one of the better methods to authenticate the mystery 1963 Korina Flying V......Joe B. should do a side-by-side playing comparison test against the authentic 1958 Flying V's. If the mystery V is authentic then it should...