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    What Type of Neck Do I have?

    Typically pretty slim in that era. I also had a 1980 Standard with a very slim neck profile. I'm sure they vary though.
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    NGD: Darkburst R9

    She's a looker for sure. Nice dark fretboard!(y)
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    It took me 15 years

    Nice color! Digging the flame too (y)
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    New pickup day

    Lookin' good!
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    1973 LPC

    Couple more shots inside the cavity. Prog, what stands out to you that makes you think '74? I'm assuming the features you were asking about? I know it would have to be at least late '73 due to the non Sprague caps right?
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    1973 LPC

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    1973 LPC

    Here it is! Been playing this beast all weekend. Really happy with it :dude:
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    1973 LPC

    Seriously considering pulling the trigger on this beauty. Not doubting its authenticity or anything, just wanted more eyes on it to see if I'm overlooking anything at all. Besides the knobs/jackplate not being original, it looks good to me...
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    Considering a 1969 ES-335

    Hi all, hope to grab some informative opinions on this particular 335 https://reverb.com/item/31754084-gibson-es-335-tdw-1968-69-walnut Admittedly, I don't know much about the ES line except that I love how they sound. From what I can tell, the serial and orange sticker both seem to check out...
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    R4 Goldtop

    I’m considering buying either a ‘96 or ‘06 R4. Just wondering if there are any significant differences in the P90 specs from these years. Also if anyone has any experience with R4’s in general, it would be appreciated!